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Happy Birthday John!

It was interesting going through this because I couldn't help but think about how what you put out does not necessarily equal what gets brought in. John is always such a kind and thoughtful and careful person, but so many of the GIFs in this list were him being angry or upset or frustrated...of course GIFs are in many ways units of emotion, and so of course emotion is going to be conveyed in them, but I think it says something that the most common emotions were forms of anger.

Also, someone please explain the book sniffing to me!!

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Good morning John, happy birthday!

I sent you your birthday present, and you sent me a picture of you wearing it. I'm really glad that you like it. You're stunning 41-year-old man.

And I guess that's middle age, but who cares, what does that matter, you have done so many wonderful and great things, I'm proud of you John, so I want to create a special video just for you, to celebrate your career, by presenting to you your life as decided by the hive-mind.

These are the top ten GIFs that came up when I searched for your name in Twitter's GIF search.

#10: Doing that giant squid of anger. Cause John, you're mad sometimes. This might even show up when you search for 'anger', so there's probably lots of people who are just posting this angry nerd and don't even have any other idea who you are. 

#9: Likewise, from the same video, even a caption GIF, this one is probably used by people who are angry on the internet.

But a quick shift for #8: You doing your happy dance, Which, I, we don't see enough of these days, not because you aren't happy, of course, but because you are old and it hurts to move too much. 

#7: You are angry again, though to be clear, this I don't think has anything to do with you. I'm guessing it has something do with the internet. 

#6: Now, you're frustrated. But I'm gonna give this GIF 10/10, because I know that you actually injured yourself while filming this, and I admire that dedication. 

#5: No, A little bit. This is great, because maybe people are introducing a little bit of nuance in their internet discourse and they're using you to do it, John. No... but, yeah, maybe some.

#4: Sarcastic party popper. I can see why people might use this one, but it's kind of a shame, since there are so many legitimate enthusiastic party popping moments in your career. And only one sarcastic one, but that's the one that internet picked up on. But it is a really good GIF, so I can't... I can't complain.

#2: 10/10, I love this GIF. And I want to be a database that shows me every time this GIF was used because I want to see why people are using it! But I do love it so much. The fact this is number two, it kinda restores a little bit of my faith in the internet, John.

And finally #1, the top John Green GIF on Twitter: It's you sniffing your own book. Which, now again, destroyed my faith in the internet. What's going on, why are people using this. Why is this good? I, what's happening? Is this what people want? [sniffs a new copy of Absolutely Remarkable Thing] It's actually pretty good.

Of course, I gotta hit you with some honorable mentions.

These days very useful GIFs. This one, Congress. This one, surprised Putin. That one actually has audio if you used it right. [John: BLeeHAA, Putin!]

Any time you do something dumb is high points in my book. 

And of course, this one where you are scared of squirrels. I love it so much. 

John, what a wonderful and wide-ranging life and career you have had thus far and I'm sure that there would be many more GIF-able moments for you in the future.

I'm very nearly on my way to Vidcon Australia, hahhhh... There are still tickets available if you like to see me, or number of other very cool creators. We had a super great, memorable, special Vidcon in the US this year, so I'm super excited to go have more of that in Australia, and then in February in London. 

And we also just finished the Podcon Indiegogo campaign two days ago, and I mean, if ever I don't know anybody's ever gotten closer to hitting the goal without hitting the goal, but $299,569 is a win for me! I think we can make up the difference. Podcon tickets are on sale now and You can find the link to all those things down in the description. 

And John, happy birthday! And I'll see you on Tuesday.

[John: BLeeHAA, Putin!]