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In which Hank and John hold their first public even ever and it results in the largest amount of awesome ever contained in one room.

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John: Yes?

Woman: Will we be included in a video?

John: I would imagine that it... (laughter and cheering)

Intro music

Hank: So a couple of days ago John and I were in a car with Maureen Johnson and the lady who was driving got a call on her phone (beep beep boop beep) not a handy phone, a regular phone. But you could kind of hear what was coming out of the ear piece 'cause you know cell phones can be really loud sometimes, and we heard the person she was talking to say that there were 16 people waiting for us already at the East Grand Rapids Branch, Kent District Library and we’re like “YEAH! Alright! 16 people, that’s awesome!”

And then she finished up her phone conversation and she closed it down, and she said “guys there’s gonna be 16 people there” and were like “16 people? That’s awesome” And she’s like “no no no no no no no no no, sixty, six-zero, sixty” and then we were like “16… 16” and by the time we got there it was like 75 and by the time we left it was 97! 97 nerdfighters in one very small room it was fantastic!

So as you might imagine the event was covered from multiple angles, there were lots of cameras. There were actually some fairly prominent YouTubers there. I was like resident MikeLee, you should be up here with us, but since there were so many cameras I figure I’ll provide multiple angles. Now I’ll be able to do this with the help of the people in the sidebar, footage I was able to rip off of YouTube, (with permission). So here's the entrance.

John: Thank you. (laughing) Oh my god, that’s crazy.

Woman: That's two days of publicity here.

John: That is completely crazy. Corey, introduce us.

Woman: ...and then you guys are gonna run through, like, a tunnel.

J: Okay, Corey go ahead.

M: There’s so many people in there, what’re we gonna do?

J: We’re completely unprepared for a lot of people.

M: We don’t have anything ready

J: We thought it was going to be like

Woman: There’s tons of video cameras

Woman: We have John Green, Hank Green, Maureen Johnson, secret sister Maureen. Give a big whahooo! (cheering)

J: Hi. (more cheering)

Hank: Ow wow wow wow! That’s a lot of people! And I’m really glad that John’s good at that kind of stuff 'cause I wasn’t really. Sorry about that. And here’s possibly the most important thing that happened that night, the inaugural Maureen Johnson Happy Dance. 3 different angles, thanks to all of the nerdfighters who got their cameras out fast enough.


So what happened? First John read a little bit of Paper Towns. And then Maureen read a little bit of Sweet Scarlet which is her new book which you can buy in the sidebar right now. And then thanks to Alex who also is linked to in the sidebar. I was able to play some songs, we were like ‘oh Hank didn’t bring his guitar” and Alex, who’s video’s I’d seen before was like ‘uh yeah, mine’s like, in the car, I brought it just in case’ and I was like ‘really? That’s, convenient. Ehhh…’ But I did it and it was okay, it went fine, it was very comfortable.

The fact that everyone knew the words to Accio Deathly Hallows was kinda like uh, being a rockstar? Except, in a library, full of nerds. In a room that contained more awesome than any concert hall ever has in history. It made me kinda wanna cry a little bit. I also kind of wanted to cry when they all sang me Happy Birthday.

Crowd: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Hank, happy birthday to you. (cheering)

In that last clip, uh, not nerdfighters. Well some, some were nerdfighters, but all were librarians. The reason we were actually able to go to Grand Rapids, John and Maureen and I, was because the Michigan Library Association was having a conference, and they wanted us to speak at it. Which we did, and it was really fun. But we would not have been able to go there, or do this without the Michigan Library Association so thank you so much to all their people who worked so hard to organize this, especially Corey, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We’re obviously not the easiest people to work with but I think that you had a great time and we had a great time. So thank you so much. Additionally it helped us really think that we kinda wanna do this more, and so we’re thinking about doing it more, but the only way that we’ll know where to go is if you got to, and there’s a link in the sidebar, as you might imagine. Among all those other links there’s another one in the sidebar to If you go there, and you request our presence in your city, that my friends will help you see us, and it will help us see you, and it will be awesome.

So please do that, a lot of you already have, but please do that. As you can definitely tell I’ve gone over on this video, and I’ve been granted amnesty due to the fact that there was a montage. There were actually several montages through the video, so pft ha ha! John, I had a great time, and I’ll see you soon.