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Join YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki as she charts a course for YouTube's future. Joined by special guests, she'll offer a peak under the hood at YouTube's latest innovations while highlighting the success and growth of YouTube Red. She'll also offer a sneak peak of YouTube's latest slate of Original Programming
Good evening VidCon it is great to be here and to see everyone here in the audience so this is my third time at VidCon and I started to notice some patterns while.

I'm here so first of all, VidCon gets bigger bigger and bigger every year there are over 25,000 people here at this event and Anaheim and that's just a huge testament to the vision that john and hank green had when they started it only six years ago now and just so you know I wasn't at YouTube those first few years because if I were I would have been here there's no way I would have missed VidCon so second the online space is just getting bigger and bigger as I'm sure you've all noticed there are new entrants, partners, creators, new fans. I bet a lot of you weren't here before at VidCon it's a full-time job just to keep track of all the change in the industry and third of all, even though the online video space is more crowded than ever youtube continues to thrive.

This past year has been our best year ever [APPLAUSE] and while TV networks are losing audiences we are growing in every region and across every screen. Today more Millennials tune into YouTube on mobile alone during prime time then any cable or broadcast TV network and people aren't just watching on mobile and desktop they are also watching YouTube in the living room. Whoo.

Last year TVs where our fastest source of watch time growth and so what are people watching in the living room? what do they watch? They watch the same things they always watched No surprise there. Jimmy Fallon John Oliver fitness travel news sports but the part that's new is that theyre now watching that right alongside all of.

YouTube's incredibly talented endemic creators many of whom are here at VidCon and probably some of whom are here in the room with all of us now it's clear that digital media and traditional linear media are blending together and all of this is a conversation about the present. But I've been thinking about the future and about what the next generation of video platforms will offer for all of us. So the problems of the future they need to put the desires of the user and of the viewer first.

The content needs to be on demand so viewers can see what they want when they want and it needs to work across all devices - mobile desktop TV and the platform's need to enable community. Viewers need to feel like they are part of what they're watching and that that could be commenting or live chatting or creating their own content in response and then finally the platform's need to be diverse and it needs to offer a compelling library of truly original content from all over the globe that keeps the viewers coming back. Now we have seen several different media companies take one approach to original content which is the place big bets behind mainstream Hollywood talent.

And that's had a lot of success in its own right but we at YouTube have had a totally different approach as an open platform youtube has been original since the beginning. we have tens of millions of original creators that range from aspiring to established all on the platform. so today I want to talk about three things that matter to all creators on. YouTube we can call them the 3 c's just make it really easy for everyone to remember community creation and creative ambition. so let me share a little bit about how we are approaching each one of them to make youtube the best destination for all creators. so first let's talk a little bit about our community. now you may have heard some people recently asking us to make youtube great again and that would be especially true if you look at my twitter feed now we've been listening closely because we want to make youtube the best place a great place for creators and the good news is is that the bond between creators and their fans has never been stronger in fact 40% of millennial subscribers say that YouTube creators understand them better than their friends do and over 60% say that youtubers have changed their lives. But we do agree that our community that our YouTube community can be even stronger. so in April we announced steps to ensure that nobody loses money while rights disputes are being resolved and yeah it took a lot of work we're working with our legal our finance our operations teams. we had to set up new solutions to enable those videos to earn revenue will Content ID claims are being disputed.

And it's important to realize that we pay out money to tens of millions of creators across the globe every single month so this is not a simple undertaking. But we're currently testing the new solution and we are expecting to reach a hundred percent of all monetized users within the next few months. Now we also are working to improve our comments which we hear a lot from all of you here at VidCon and from our Creators across the board and we're working to make a few changes. so these include the ability for creators to pin a comment at the top of their videos to include gifs in responses and to delegate comment moderation to their trusted fans sound good? [Cheers and Applause] and so well these are really important steps they are not the only ones that we're taking for creators. so I'm very excited to welcome Sebastian Mishoff who is our global head of operations to the stage and he will talk a little bit about what we're doing to extend the journey and support for all of our creators globally so please welcome Sebastian. [Music] Thank You Susan and Hello VidCon!

I'm thrilled to be back for my second VidCon. As Susan said, youtube is all about community and it's a strong community where we can grow together in count on each other at every step of the way. Last year at VidCon, I had the opportunity to meet with Anthony, a creator.

He had 10,000 subscribers through a combination of Men's fashion video and coverage of the music scene. but Anthony was thinking about his next chapter on youtube. Anthony worked with a youtube partner manager who helped him build a content strategy. Producing fashion content that made him unique.

Anthony then attended the total creator day and visited our pop-up space where he continued to gain insights. and in May of this year Anthony attended the opening of the space where he was awarded a silver play button for reaching 100,000 subscribers. he went from 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers in less than a year we partnered with Anthony at every step of his way and we excited about his success. we want this to be the experience for every single creator. the YouTube community is made of tens of millions of creators who share Anthony's journey and every single day more than a thousand new creators reach the 1000 subscribers mark. but community isn't just big it's incredibly diverse. each Creator has different needs whether they have millions of subscribers or just starting out, we do our best at YouTube to support and celebrate the silent and self-expression with new tools support options and workshops we also provide access to production facilities for free at YouTube spaces. We host in-person events and we celebrate big milestones with play button awards and last week the team delivered to PewDiePie's his diamond button on a pony. we are not setting expectations that will do it every time. so today I'm excited to announce three more steps that we are taking to be there for creators at every step of their way. first we are making it easier for all creators to find the resources they need right now creators have to navigate with more than seven different websites to find all the resources available to them this experience often leave them at a bit lost. I'm proud to announce that we are providing easy access to all our resources through one door not seven.

What you see on screen is the completely redesigned creative hub that launches today and it's fully localized in 23 different languages. my mother in France doesn't have any excuse not to become YouTube creator now. the site is now live and anyone can access it at and the new hub will be the central place where creators can discover all programs that are available to them and truly feel part of this YouTube community. As part of this hub, we are also launching a program called YouTube for creators bringing together a comprehensive set of solutions to grow on youtube so no matter how many subscribers they have, through the Creator hub, every creator will be able to access resources available to them like Creator Academy and our studio app to help them grow. on youtube for instance, once you go to 10,000 subscribers you will be able to film and produce content at your local space. you will be able to get a consultation on how to grow your channel and enter the next YouTube. Nextup program.

From zero subscribers to 10 million, we want to make the journey at every stage and outline the support we offer and I hope you're ready for this perhaps the biggest news of all i am proud to announce that every single. Creator who has enabled monetization on their channel will now be able to reach out to YouTube with a question and hear back from a real human being within one business day. [Cheer and applause] yeah. We currently offer this direct support to hundreds of thousands of creators as of today that extends to tens of millions of creators we know that becoming a creator on youtube is an exciting journey. we know that the success of the creator is what makes this community so strong and we are dedicated to be there for each creator at every step of their way. [Applause] >> Susan Wojcicki: all right.

Thank you so much Sebastian. so as you can see by all those announcements that he just made, we at YouTube want to be with creators every step of the way that also means offering the most cutting-edge creative content creation tools out there so we are investing heavily in live streaming, 360 degree video and VR. now with 360-degree video and VR, viewers can interact with their video environments as if they are actually there youtube has more 360 degree and VR content than any other platform. in fact you can watch every single video on youtube with a VR headset like cardboard making it the world's largest library of VR content and with live streaming. Fans can interact directly with the creator and with each other right well something unfolds in real time. now we've enabled livestream way back in 2011 with the momentum behind it has just been getting stronger. in the last six months alone the amount of live streams on youtube have tripled but we have even more coming and you're gonna hear about it in a minute. so let me invite Kurt, our product lead for emerging experiences to come on stage and talk about some of the things that we're doing to support the next generation of content creation on youtube. so please welcome Kurt Wilms >>Thank You Susan. as Susan mentioned we really believe that immersive experiences like live, 360 , and VR are going to play a huge role in the future of creation. the amount of interactivity and engagement they offer especially when you're on a mobile device is unlike anything else out there that's why we've been so focused on staying at the very cutting edge of where video is going and bringing along as many people as possible. that's especially true when it comes to VR.

We've already made huge strides in democratizing the VR experience we create a google cardboard so that anyone with a smartphone could experience VR for themselves we then worked to unlock the world's largest video library youtube to be viewable on a VR device. but we didn't stop there this year at Google i/o we announced the launch of a brand-new youtube app built from the ground up for VR headsets as part of Google's daydream platform. The YouTube virtual reality app will bring voice search, spatial audio via our videos and playlists to give you the ultimate high quality platform for consuming vr content we're also working to bring even more vr content onto YouTube. we think YouTube is incredible creator community is going to lead the way in showing the world the full potential of VR we're currently partnering with leading vr production companies and pairing them with top creators such as swoozie unbox therapy - kurt hugo schneider to test which formats work really well in VR for example no one knows if makeup tutorials, challenge videos, how-tos, or vlogs will work great in VR but some of the experiments were running are designed to give the entire ecosystem an idea. we'll release our findings and learnings in our Creator Academy so that all creators can learn the best practices when it comes to VR creation and production will also have all the latest vr equipment and cameras in our YouTube spaces so creators large and small can start creating VR content today so that's VR. we're also making big leaps in live streaming and like Susan mentioned we've been doing live streaming since way before it was cool millions of people tuned in to watch The Royal Wedding in 2011. 1/6th of the internet tuned in to watch felix baumgartner jump from space back to earth on youtube in 2012 and just last month we live stream the world's largest sporting annual sporting event that UEFA champions league final. finally just this year we became the first-ever to broadcast a 360-degree live stream during coachella over 21 million people tuned in to watch coachella on youtube this year that's almost twice as many as that tuned in to watch the series finale of american idol and today i'm excited to announce a new chapter in bringing the power of live video to creators everywhere soon we'll be putting the power of YouTube live streaming right in the palm of your hands and i'm going to show you how it's going to work right now so as you can see youtube live streaming is going to be built right into the main. YouTube mobile app you don't need to open anything else up you just load the app and hit the big red button now we created this red button last year to make creation on the go easier than ever and soon will be able to soon will give you the option to broadcast what you're seeing live as well all you need to do is hit go live once you hit go live you enter a video title so I'll do live at VidCon and then maybe because I'm having fun up here I'll do an emoji once i do that i just hit next and then I take a selfie for my thumb now everyone wave and then I just go ahead and hit go live now once I go live I'm broadcasting to the world so give everyone a chance here to say hi awesome there's a lot of you out there and like I mentioned this goes out to everyone including my subscribers so you can see here my buddy David just joined.

Jacob they're all probably in the audience cheering me on so once i'm done streaming all i have to do is hit finish and once i hit end this video would come available on YouTube just like any video would now because it's built right into the main YouTube mobile app these live streams will have all the features that you know and love about regular videos you'll be able to search for them they'll appear in video recommendations and playlists and of course viewers can use our mobile notification bell to get alerts when their favorite creator start live streaming. we announced the mobile notification bell on youtube last year at VidCon and we're already ringing that Bell 10 billion times a month it's a crazy number and we're helping our creators alert their subscribers now because YouTube mobile live streaming will use are peerless infrastructure it's going to be faster and more reliable than anything else out there say for instance just in case you want to do a live stream of an interview with the president we think this will offer creators an entirely new more intimate and super spontaneous way to share their experiences with their communities and fans on the go and so that's mobile live streaming we're launching today with select creators at VidCon we're going to be rolling it out more widely soon so thank you VidCon for letting me show you how that all works and i'm gonna throw back to Susan >>thank you ok all right thank you kurt and thank you to our live streaming teams um I am really looking forward to seeing how everybody here uses all of these creative tools i know that you know no bounds you're incredibly creative so we're incredibly excited to see how all of you use those tools so finally I want to talk to you about the third pillar which is creative ambition now if we ask our creators probably ask a lot of you in the audience youll tell us that there is an idea or a project or a collaboration or vision or something that you've always wanted to bring to life but you just haven't been able to do that yet now YouTube has helped creators do incredible things to help them build a fan base global exposure and even earn serious money and who doesn't want all of those things right but yet they still dream of doing something more ambitious that's why it's called creative ambition in some cases that has led to some pretty amazing collaborations with youtubers and with traditional TV and with movie outlets so for example we saw Flula who has a YouTube auto tune and a vlog series get a major role in pitch perfect 2 and now he's starring in his own movie buddy moon which is coming out july first yeah all right go Flula. we'll all be watching it and okay we also saw Issa Rae who's the creator of the youtube show awkward black girl all right she has fans here too and she landed a series on HBO called insecure and it's scheduled to debut this fall and then of course we saw Rachel bloom who went from making very funny very creative music videos on YouTube to winning a golden globe for her musical comedy series crazy ex-girlfriend so it has been amazing to see what our creators have been able to do both on and off the platform so late last year we launched our originals program to give YouTube creators the same opportunities to do ambitious things on. YouTube and that brings me to youtube red youtube red makes everything on youtube better it gives users the ad free experience the ability to offline content and a premium music listening experience through our music app and it gives them exclusive access to youtube red originals now our original series are one of the leading drivers of red subscriptions the viewership that we have a rival similar cable shows but it's been interesting what we've also seen is that the creators that we feature in our originals for red they get a boost on their YouTube subscription and their watch time on their main ad-supported channels and most of this watch time boost is coming from viewers who hadn't watched that content creator before so it turns out that there's actually a virtuous cycle between our YouTube red and our ad-supported experience and we're also seeing that these originals that they are consumed in a totally new way which is half of the watch time is happening on mobile phones so i'd like to tell you a lot more about what we have planned in our originals and in order to do that I'm going to invite. Susanne Daniels who is our global head of original content to come out on stage and to tell you what's coming next so welcome Suzanne it's a pleasure to join you on stage for my first ever VidCon as Susan said we're seeing some fantastic engagement with our very first slate of YouTube originals with nine projects launched we're seeing fan sign up tune in, binge, and share their enthusiasm with their friends and a ton of this activity is happening in just the first 24 hours after our new series go live. in fact just yesterday we launched the very first episode of escape the night starring joey graceffa and we immediately saw a spike on Joey's channel along with.

Joey's new series we also have three other new projects were releasing over the next few months all of which feature your favorite creators doing new and inventive things first up is fight of the Living Dead which features 10 youtube stars as they attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse over the course of three days. Think Survivor meets The Walking Dead meets the stars of our annual rewind video also coming soon is a charming romantic comedy from our friends at wong foo called single by 30. Whoo the show is about two high school best friends who pledged to marry each other if they were both single once they hit the big 30 you know there's so much talk in Hollywood about the lack of diversity on screen so I'm proud that we're reflecting the diversity of YouTube through all of these red originals and that's true of our next original as well youtube red will be the exclusive home of Gigi gorgeous' new feature length documentary directed by two-time oscar-winner Barbara Kopple.

Gigi's documentary offers a raw and revealing look at Gigi's transition from male to female exposing her personal journey while bringing a deepend understanding to an important topic let's take a look at all four new original titles debuting soon. I invite you all to attend a dinner party welcome if your friends are wise enough we'll be able to solve the keys and save you you are the YouTube killer. this game is going to be the death of us We are all going to die. This is the worst party ever and action single by 30 is a romantic drama comedy series that we're doing with YouTube.

Red single by 30 is about two best friends that make a pact in high school that if they're not married by the time you're 30 they'll marry each other. got it .this series is like the biggest project we've ever done and it's really exciting that YouTube red wanted to support it this is well for like another level and we can't wait to share it. I'm just so excited I am working on a full length movie it's going to be a documentary about my life. I can't say too much about it yet I literally just want to tell you everything going on but I can't and it's just going to have to be a surprise i am so so excited and so happy and I just wanted to say thank you so much because you know this wouldn't be happening without your love support and untill I see you guys next time stay gorgeous we were taken to a top secret location.

I was one of 10 youtube stars selected for this groundbreaking experiment to live through 72 hours in a simulated zombie apocalypse how do we get out of here? in addition to all those great titles we just previewed i'm happy to announce today a number of new projects we'll be releasing exclusively the YouTube red subscribers when we were thinking about our new slate we decided to take a look back at what was successful and i'm pleased to announce that we're bringing back three titles that really resonated with fans scare PewDiePie, four some and a new movie from Ian and Anthony of Smosh we know that Felix's fans loved the first season of scare PewDiePie and we also know that the show got viewership that rivaled some of the top shows on cable we're thrilled to continue this suspenseful series with maker studios rebel mode and Skybound entertainment and we've got a special video from Felix to tell you all about it how's it going for us? this is pewdiepie I can't even do it properly I'm sick I'm really sorry i can't be at VidCon but i just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who watched scared pewdiepie it was one of the craziest experience of my life and I can't wait to dive in into new season with you. that's all I got to say and i'll see you next time as always bro-fist another series that did amazingly well and resonated with fans was foursome from awesomeness TV. Jen McAllister is returning as andy and season two will focus on more of her adventures as she tries to pass through the real test of high school hookups breakups and makeups finally after doing a series with Smosh we're bringing ian and Anthony back again this time for a film this one is a feature-length supernatural comedy about a luckless guy who moves into an apartment only to find out it's haunted by a ghost who can't seem to find his way back to heaven so we've got these four titles you just saw and the three renewals i have announced but believe it or not we're just getting started. I've actually got six more exciting projects to share with you today first up is a project I've been chasing since I was at MTV.

I've been a fan of the step up movies for years and always believed the film's would translate into an awesome original series and now finally the step up series is happening on the platform where it's supposed to be. I'm so pleased to announce that in partnership with Lionsgate youtube red will release the first ever step up series executive produced by channing tatum and jenna dewan-tatum alongside Meredith Milton Jennifer givegot an adam shankman like the hugely successful movies this new series will be centered around the heart pounding sexy music filled world of dancers at a performing arts high school we know that dance is a hugely successful global category on youtube so. I'm really excited to have a series rooted in such an enormously popular genre on our platform we also know educational content and explainer videos are a huge source of engagement on youtube so we decided to partner with one of our leading educators michael stevens of vsauce for a new series about something we all know actually very little about no not quantum physics, human behavior.

Michael's new series working title "psych lab" will use real subjects including himself and special guest to show some of the most mind-blowing important and least understood aspects of human nature next up is a new scripted series from two youtubers that I love it's called rhett and link's buddy system in this comedy rhettandlink must go out of their way to regain control of their internet empire from their mutual co ex-girlfriend who is holding a very big secret over their heads you'll get to see rhettandlink in this inventive new series which also stars. SNL alums Molly Shannon and Chris Parnell alongside leslie bibb and page. Kennedy here's a message from rhettandlink about their new show hey rhett and link here just hanging out in our magic coffin we really wish we could be with you there vidcom but we're in production on our new series rhett and link's buddy system it is a scripted musical comedy which features a lot of totally normal things the least of which is this magic coffin and a roller skating roller blading fight and a barbershop quartet that we sing with clones of ourselves and possibly a talking exercise bike actually definitely talking exercise bike because that is also in there and lots of other stuff we're super excited to be working with you to bring this to our fans on the platform via YouTube red so look for a rhett and links' buddy system this year on youtube red in the meantime we're gonna be hanging out in our secret magic coffin. is it secret now? yes don't tell anybody about our magic coffin. >> our love for comedic partnerships continues with top comedy duo dan and Phil as we speak these stars are finishing up the largest tour ever buy YouTube creator they've sold over a hundred fifty thousand tickets all over the world and today we're excited to announce we're bringing dan and phil's show exclusively to youtube red as a feature film they'll also be giving audiences behind-the-scenes look with the documentary about the making of the tour but enough live action how about an animated series top YouTube creators seananners mr.

Sark and vandals gaming start an animated comedy series helmed by Michael row the Emmy award-winning writer of futurama and family guy the series revolves around a team of ill-equipped paranormal investigators who struggl to unfold the mysteries of the paranormal universe for their desperate clients finally we're peeling back the layers on some of our top creators with the new film called vlogumentary executive produced by shaycarl Butler maker studios and award-winning provocateur. Morgan Spurlock Vlogumentary gives us a personal intimate lens into the world of. YouTube's top talent shining a light on their creator voices their unique process and the larger digital media landscape. whoo I knew that was a lot we've been busy over here at YouTube originals but what I hope this slate demonstrates is our openness to new ideas our excitement to try new things you won't see anywhere else and our commitment to original programming for the long haul we're giving creators a new way to bring more ambitious content to the platform where their community already lives so thank you VidCon and stay tuned for more great original content from YouTube red.

Thank you Susanne. So as you can see we have an incredible lineup of new original titles coming out and even more in development youtube is the most original content platform in the world and we are working really hard to make sure that we can bring even more ambitious more original series to the platform so just to recap I talked at the beginning about how they were going to be three different themes that we are working on for creators you guys remember them yes this is gonna be like school should we cold call they start with C's can I give you guys a hint ok C's are you guys paying attention? yes ok this is really easy they all start with c ok so what are we doing we are helping youtubers fulfill their creative ambitions we are giving them the latest cutting-edge video creation tools and lastly we are strengthening our community come on community all of you together yay see they're even photos to help remind you community so when people talk about community and they talk about YouTube's community especially when they're here at VidCon the first thing they often mention are what do people mention when they talk about like the screaming fans right how could you miss that the enthusiasm for fans that they express it is so overwhelming it's so genuine and yes sometimes it is so loud so it's easy to think that that's all there is but what I hope you take away when you visit VidCon isn't just the enthusiasm it's a sense of belonging that exists here so over the last year at YouTube we have given a lot of thought about what we stand for and we've identified a number of freedoms that we believe in and that we want to promote at youtube so these include the freedom of expression that YouTube gives everyone a voice the freedom of information that YouTube provide information to everyone around the globe the freedom of opportunity that anyone on youtube can build a media business and the freedom to belong that everyone can find connection and community. YouTube gives people of any race ethnicity gender sexual orientation disability or interest a place to come together and a place to belong it just so happens that this year.

VidCon falls during a very special time next week will mark the 49th anniversary of the stonewall riots which are largely considered to be the most important event leading up to the LGBT liberation moment movement and the fight for equal rights after nearly 50 years this movement has made tremendous progress and some people they might feel that the struggle for equal rights has largely been won but the tragic events of the recent mass shooting in orlando showed us that the march for progress for understanding and for equality is far from over the attack on the pulse nightclub purposely targeted the LGBT community in a place where they felt welcome where they felt empowered and where they felt safe and tragically that attack became the deadliest mass shooting in American history but even when it feels like some are determined to make the LGBT community feel vulnerable we are proud that YouTube has always been and always provided a place to belong youtube has a rich history of being a place where this community can come for free expression understanding and connection so as we celebrate pride this month i want to share a video that we made to commemorate this incredible community on YouTube. >> I know people have been asking questioning about it >> but there's something that I want to clear >> i identify as a gender but also gender queer >> omnisexual, polysexual >> I haven't really figured that out myself yet >>it's not about a preference >> it's much more complicated than that >> so gender can be confusing >> people look at me differently >> you're gorgeous you slay >> what are you really what were you when you were born >> are you bisexual >> where do you stick it >> do you have a dick or not >> you weren't born a woman >> are you seriously like >> it's not fair to anybody >> those were some of my darkest days >> having them tell you that there's no space for you >> would people love me like would people accept me for who I am [Music] because let me tell << at the end of the day you got to only live your life for you >>it's not something that anyone should have to be ashamed of >> i'm telling you who i am giving you who I am >> I'm gay >> I'm a lesbian >> I am actually pansexual >> I am transgender >>I am 33 weeks pregnant >>I am so proud >>I love myself >>we will love one another >> and now is a time where we need to say no to the hate to the violence >> this wont scare us back in the closet we will be seen and we will be heard >> going from here take a deep breath and say this is who I am just say stand up nice and tall and be like this is who I am [Music] >> we all want to live in a world where we feel like our feelings are shared and that our opinions matter we want to live in a world where others understand what we're going through but unfortunately our connections to people like us or to people who empathize with us are often obscured by distance or conflict youtube can reveal that connected world it gives people everywhere the freedom to belong no matter who they are what they look like where they're from or who they love so no matter how loud it gets in these VidCon halls. I hope it's the incredible sense of belonging that you witness here at. VidCon so thank you everybody and have a good night thank you.