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Four years ago I made a video about using less harmful language, avoiding words that were exclusionary, offensive, or inaccurate. Soon after this Seththinksthoughts, a vlog-style YouTube channel posted a video adding the list of harmful words and suggesting alternatives. I loved it and reached out to Seth. Over these years we've kept in touch and tried to encourage intellectual growth in each other. So when it came time to revisit the Sexplanations episode about less harmful language, I knew exactly who I wanted to talk to about it! Seth is in Hong Kong (not Japan) teaching music and was willing to do a video call at 5 AM his time to pull this off. It was delightful!
Here are some of the things we reference in the podcast:
Joyful Heart Foundation
Flagrant Conduct
99% Invisible
Sexplanations' Less Harmful Language:
Seth's Less Harmful Language:

SEXtra Credit: find a word or sequence of words that rubs you the wrong way and come up with five other options.
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