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Lover and critic of film and media Lindsay Ellis has been making video for about as long as I, like, a long time. But she only started on YouTube about three years ago. Her videos take a huge amount of work and are extremely watchable and compelling even though they're frequently over 30 minutes long. That means the way she has to fund her content, and now her small business, are different from your average YouTuber. Also, as a progressive woman with strong opinions, she is no stranger to controversy as we're about to discuss right now. By chance, as we began recording this video, Lindsay was dealing with a mob of Twitter trolls trying to get her fired from her contract gig with PBS because of a joke she made on Twitter, y'know, because it's 2018. So we'll talk about that, and we'll talk about how she makes more money from YouTube premium THAN ANYONE I'VE EVER HEARD OF and how she built her small team, and about her very weird path to finally moving to YouTube. Everyone, this is Lindsay.
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