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Aaron Carroll answers more of your Covid19 questions. Click on a time code to jump to a question.

0:00 - start

0:10 - Do exhalation valves on masks defeat the purpose of wearing a mask?

0:40 - Are antibody tests accurate enough to bother with?

1:10 - What are your thoughts on going to the pool this summer?

1:46 - How concerned should we be about a second wave?

2:28 - Someone in my household is high risk. Do we need to isolate as much as possible?

3:57 - How useful are temperature checks, given the high number of asymptomatic cases?

4:58 - In light of possible syringe shortages, why not make an oral vaccine?

5:43 - Any new useful Covid research?

7:26 - Aren't increasing case numbers just a result of increased testing? What's going on with positive tests?

9:25 - Close contact seems to be the main source of transmission. Should we worry about surface contamination?

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