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Dustin Pearson reads Ben Mirov's poem, "Dedication".

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Dustin Pearson:

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My name is Dustin Pearson, I'm the author of A Family is a House and Millennial Roost. I'm gonna be reading from Ben Mirov's Hider Roser. The poem that I'm gonna be reading is called Dedication.  "Dedication" is one of those poems old Ben was a poet that I read when I first started getting into poetry.  He was one of the first poets that I loved.  We invited him to our literary festival and when he came and he read this poem, he dedicated it to me, so it's really me reading my poem, if I'm taking him seriously, which I am, so I'm very happy to be reading it.  


I can see your wolf
in the bathroom mirrow.
Your wolf is built of purplish light.
It barely sleeps at night.
I use my eagles to touch your wolf.
Try harder to carry your wolf, I say.
Carry it over the fields of snow
past the army of ghosts asleep in the vale.
Circumnavigate the necropolis.
If your wolf gets too heavy,
don't pop your flares.
No one will rescue you.  
You are the rescue team.
When you arrive at the secret bakery
the bakery is closed.  The stars appear
one at a time, completely naked.
Your wolf will die amongst
the cedars behind your face.
Let's name him Robert Frost.