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We gathered together some brave YouTube talent to expose the terrible things people write about them. This is a special #MeanTweets Creator Edition featuring Smosh, Vsauce, IISuperwomanII, Makiplier, The Game Grumps, MatPat, Kingsley, JennXPenn, HarleyPlays, Prank vs Prank, Rooster Teeth, Mametown, Vlog Brothers, Tyler Oakley, JusReign, Rhett and Link, Lohanthony and Grace Helbig.

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*Intro music plays*

Ian Hecox: '@smosh is by far THE WORST YouTube channel out there! I can't believe how damn popular they are, for being as unfunny as they are. Mind Blown'.
Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox: (snickers)

Michael Stevens: 'Vsauce is fugging terrible now'. Fugg you. (audience laughter) Fu- Fugger.

Lilly Singh: '@IISuperwomanII ur videos was worst'. (audience laughter) Well your English was worster. (laughter)

Mark Fischbach: 'Markiplier is the worst thing about humanity.' (audience laughter)

Ross O'Donovan: 'Fuck the game grumps, but also FUCK the game grumps amirite'. Probably right. (audience laughter)

Matthew Patrick: '@MatPatGT I think you'll fit right in here in Texas. We have a lot of annoying, unlikable, egotistical assholes here.' 

King Russell: '@kingsleyyy I'm tryna do homework shut up'. (audience laughter) If you're tryin to do homework, why the fuck are you on Twitter? (more laughter)

Jennifer McAllister: 'I just called jennxpenn an asshole #yolo'. I mean, let's be real. Who's the real asshole? I'm not the one saying #yolo. (laughter)

Harley Morenstein: '@HarleyPlays You are a fat loser and you have body odor. #schoolofrock'. (laughter by audience and Harley)

Jesse Wellens: 'Yo @Jessewelle your hair cut is terrible. The back is horrendous'. (laughter) Is it bad?
Jeana Smith: Yeah, it does look like shit.
Jesse: Fuck you. (more laughter)
Jeana: (laughing) Fuck you.

Burnie Burns: '@burnie You would remind me of a fatter Seth Rogen if you got some talent some how'. (audience laughter)
Gavin Free: Makes sense.

Mamrie Hart: 'Eat a dick @mametown'. Sorry, I just- I had a big lunch. (audience laughter) So...

Hank Green: 'I stumbled upon a @hankgreen video. And it was the most annoying thing that I have ever clicked on. And I thought his brother was a douche.'
John Green: (sighs) (audience laughter)

Tyler Oakley: 'Tyler Oakley is so annoying why does he think that every situation needs his shitty input fuck outta here hoe'. (audience and Tyler laughter)

Jus Reign:'This guy Jus Reign who makes vines and shit is not even funny some dead youte with some dead videos non of his videos has popped quit'. (audience laughter) I, I think this guy's having a stroke, so maybe we should... (more laughter)

Rhett McLaughlin: 'Why are Rhett and link always doing stupid shit like they're the white people my mom is thinking about when she goes "tsk... white people"'. (audience laughter)
Link Neal: We'll own that.

Anthony Quintal: 'Fuck you @LOHANTHONY your mother sucks cock in hell!' (audience laughter) Why don't you say that to her face?

Grace Helbig: 'Can someone tell me why that unfunny twat grace Helbig has a tv show. My taint is funnier and easier on the eyes. (audience laughter) Yes. Retweet, favorite, follow. This isn't my phone.

*Outro music plays*

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