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In which John attempts to repossess an SUV. His morals are tested when he's asked to take out a gardener.
John: I find driving in Los Santos very challenging, it's not like driving in Indianapolis. I'm gonna go ahead and turn left here. As I've previously stated, I don't think anyone honors the traffic lights anyway. So hopefully I'm gonna be able to achieve, to do some work without killing anyone which would be a nice change of pace. It seems like everything should be fine. My only concern is how am I going to drive the SUV back without leaving my car, you know? And then am I going to have walk back to my car? I feel like this, I feel like, and I'm hesitant to say this, but I feel like I could use Lamar on this mission which is not something I've... Oh God! Simeon's calling me. Yeah, yes.

Franklin: Eh, did you change your mind?
Simeon: When I discover that you betray me, perhaps. I hear you took the bike for yourself, my Employee of the Month!
Franklin: Listen, man, me and Lamar was gonna get that back to you, dog.

John: Yeah.

Simeon: Oh, I am sure! You'll get this car off the Daddy's boy, and then we talk. Insurance papers say they have a locked garage, so you'll need to gain access from inside the house.

John: OK, so I'm going to have to go inside the house. So...

Simeon: Do not talk to me about easy, you thief!

John: (Sighs) So, OK. So Simeon's mad at me because I stole the motorbike. Although, to reiterate, I did not steal the motorbike, I know because I don't have it and I wasn't paid for it. If I did steal it I did a terrible job because all I have in the bank is $328. So I suspect that Lamar is responsible for this tragedy. By the way, I would like to emphasize that assuming that we are in southern California, these palm trees are not native to Los Santos.

OK. So I'm gonna, we're coming up on... Oh! Look at that. I'm getting much better at driving, not to brag. Through the red light you go. Ooh, this is quite a nice neighborhood. I wish I... Someday I want to live here, Meredith. This is the goal. I just want Franklin to get here via a minimum of murder. OK. Let's go ahead and subtly park in the driveway, no reason not to. Mmm, that may not have been... Oh. Oh. Yeah, I know, I'm not very good at turns. I'm sor... I apologize. It's turns that I'm not good at. Isn't there something that you're not good at? I don't judge you.

OK. Now Franklin, you're gonna have to get out now. Alright, find a way into the house. Well, I don't like to brag but I am an expert in jumping. Oh, I can't do that here? Mmm 'K. What about maybe this guy? Oh yeah. Dodododododododo... Take out the gardener? I think I'll just, I'll think I'll just kind of dodge him. Just kind of... Yeah, I'm in stealth mode. No, I want to, I want to hide. Yes.

Alright, let's just think for a second here, Meredith. Sneak behind an enemy when unarmed. I don't want to knock him out! I just want to get into the, I just want to... Good thinking Franklin. Let's stay low. Alright. Dodododododododododo dodododododododododo. Can I just, can I just get in? Mmm, they thought of that. What about under the... Franklin, look under the mat, that's where people, that's where rich people always keep the key, or in one of these little plants. Franklin, look in the plant! (Laughs) Yeah, OK. Alright. I gather, Meredith, that I am going to have to take out the gardener. So let's practice the punch move, it's this one. Right, yeah.

Gardener: You don't belong here.

John: Oh no. Oh, Meredith, he noticed me. The family was alerted. Alright, here we go. Gonna have to try to take out the gardener again. I hate, I hate taking people out, it's not in my nature but on the other hand I do desperately need to acquire money and this is, I mean, you know, I don't.... Oh. I've forgotten how to jump. OK. You know, as a rule... Alright. Let's just take him out real quick, Meredith. Nobody's going to enjoy this.

Gardener: Mr. De Santa, there's someone here!

John: (Laughs) Real good stuff, Franklin. Alright. I love the punch though, it was great. It was a solid punch. OK, I'm gonna try one more time 'cause I feel like, I feel like this is one that I could, I could do well with and the good news is that my jumping skill is only getting better as I go. What do I hit? L?

I don't want to take out the gardener. I definitely, I want to change guns please. Thank you. 'K, alright. This is a beautiful, beautiful home you've got here, sir. I'm going to find a way into it.