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In which Hank sings a bit and then (in a Nyquil-fueled stupor) rambles about...something...I've forgotten already.

An Awful Lot of Running is on Chameleon Circuit's first album, they are both extremely worth owning.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John. While we were on tour, someone suggested that I, uh, redo "An Awful Lot of Running" [by Chameleon Circuit] with "An Awful Lot of Driving," and so I did that.


When I first saw this tour bus
I was like, "What!?"
with those sweet leather seats cradling my butt.
Playing Xbox 360, and kicking John's ass,
I only can hope that this feeling will last!

Now I'm waiting stage left,
and I'm tugging up hard on my tights.
I'm prepping my tutu, and hoping it'll all be all right,
like I do every freakin' night.
I'm either so freakin' bored or I'm on top of the world,
ushered on stage by a chorus of screams.
We'll stop in seventeen places,
in twenty-one days,
with cookies and gas station food,
and an awful lot of driving to do.


Two notes! First of all, I am sick, so sorry if I'm not my usual boisterous self; second, I FINALLY got my glasses that you voted for all those ages ago. They have anti-reflective coating on them, which is wonderful for SciShow if you've seen. It's quite bad.

There was another note -- no, I did both of them. Never mind!

John, Katherine and I kept saying, "We did it." After the last show, after we got back to the hotel, after we got to the airport the next morning, after we landed in Missoula, after we slid our cold, sad, pathetic bodies into our old, wonderful, familiar bed, we just kept saying: "We did it."

And I really wanna look back on the last three weeks and think about the thing that we did, but I'm having a really hard time doing that. Probably, partially, because of all the NyQuil. Plus, there just appears to be something really strange going on in my brain right now.

Like people ask me, "Hank! Tell me something fun that happened while you were on tour!" I can't think of ANYTHING! It's like three weeks of my life are GONE; it both lasted forever and amounted to no time at all.

It's like the two pieces of my life that existed before and after tour have just sucked together and tour was like bloop!

It's like a directory structure on a computer. It's like ONE LITTLE FILE contains ALL OF THAT INFORMATION. And in order to get to any of the information, I have to, like, dive down through it and none of it relates in any way to the normal way that I live my life, and so I can't contextualize it to the normal Hank Life.

It's making me seriously ponder the limitations of my brain, which is NOT something that I particularly want to be doing while I have this headache. But I think it's really vital to do things like this, to do things that are outside of your comfort zone.

(coughs) Gotta make it (coughs) through!

Of course, I know that most people don't have the opportunity to do the thing that WE just did, the three week tour with people all like, like screaming and knowing the words to the songs that I wrote, which is so weird!

We all have opportunities to do things that are outside of our comfort zone, and I think that we should, whether that's volunteering at a homeless shelter or just going to someplace that you wouldn't normally go like, like somewhere where they line dance. Go to a place where they line dance, and see how that world works!

'Cause that's the only way to really understand all the different perspectives in the world and if we don't understand the various perspectives, we just start to hate each other and be like, "Why are you trying to ruin our country?!" This is now (cough) apparently about politics.

Anyway, uh, we did it. We definitely did it. There are a lot of people who made this possible, not least the people who came out to, uh, enjoy it and were so enthusiastic and excited and just really cool. Thank you so much to all of you and I don't know how I got to be this lucky person, but now I'm gonna go to bed. Is that cool?

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.