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Am I accidentally a horrible person? What should I do with 1,000 business cards? How do I not break my grandmother's heart? And more! Email us: Thanks to Jessica and Edward of How to ADHD for joining the pod today!

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H: Hello, and welcome to Dear Hank and John.

J: Or as I like to call it, Dear Jessica and Hank.

E: Or as I like to call it, Dear Edward and Jessica and Hank.

H: That's right, you guys, it's the first time there's ever three people on the podcast, I think? I think this is the first time we've ever had three people on the podcast - But in any case, this is the podcast where two brothers, and occasionally special guest hosts, answer questions give you dubious advice and give you all the week's news from both Mars and AFC Wimbledon except for that last part isn't going to happen today 'cause we're recording this significantly in advance.

H: And our guest hosts today are Jessica and Edward, who together produce and create the Youtube show How To ADHD, about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and associated things. Um, I'm really excited to hang out with you guys again, 'cause I've always enjoyed hanging out with you, but this time we're gonna record it the whole time,

E: Whoo!

H: Which is extra weird.

J: It's super weird, especially when we're not in charge of the edit.

J and H: [Laughs]

E: If it makes it less weird, I totally recorded it all the first time. Wait what?

H: Oh!

E: What!

H: Not allowed, we're in California you have to tell people, you have to tell people!

E: I just told you! I just told you!

J: I feel there's some sort of statute of limitations on like, how long-

E: Alright.

J: -you have to tell them-

E: So now I have to invent time travel, it's fine.

H: It's fine. This is how I start the podcast, I ask, uh, how are you doing?

J: I, I'm good. I got to go back to yoga for the first time 'cause I was in a, like a coma from- I adopted a puppy-

H: Ohhh.

J: like six weeks ago, and I was like, "Oh, it'll be a cute thing to have around the house", and I forgot that it's like mostly teeth, and like,

H and E: [laughs]

J: bladder for the first month at least. And so I'm finally coming out of this coma where I'm like, "I have time for other things", so I got to go to yoga today, and I was like "Edward you're in charge of the dog bye!" And I just ran out the door, it was fantastic.

E: I had a great time, just because I am also finding out what kind of dad I'm going to be,

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E: Because, uh- Jessica and I are married obviously, but uh- maybe not obviously to some, but yes, we are. Uh, I'm finding out what kind of dad I'm going to be 'cause when Jessica takes the puppy out, her name is Chloe, she's so, like gentle and like "Hey we're going to do this" and training, and I just went "Okay you have to be tired, we're running."

H and J: [laughs]

E: So we basically ran for about seven or eight minutes straight, like I would stop to let her catch her breath, and she has tiny legs- I mean I wasn't running, I was speedwalking at best-

H: Right.

H: She was hauling. Just as fast as she could.

J: Which is hilarious, 'cause you have very specific instructions on like what to do-

E: Yeah, and I did not do them. 

H: Oh, come on.

J: Any of them. [laughs]

E: I did, I did. You said, you said exercise her, and feed her, and I did those things.

J: Awesome [laughs]

E: I totally did.

H: You guys.

E: But it only took me like seven minutes.

J: I feel like, I feel like you're gonna be the kind of dad where I'm like, "Entertain our kid", and I'm gonna come back and you're gonna be like, "Poker and beer was fine, right?"

E: What do you mean Heroin's off the table?

H: [laughs]

H: Yeah, you got, you can't undo all the hard work that Jessica did with this puppy, at one hour at yoga class. This is, like textbook parenting

E: That would be crazy.

H: Right now, it's happening, you're learning-

J: Right

E: [laughs]

H: -and you should learn from these mistakes. 

J:  No we have to get on the same page though, seriously, 'cause I'm so gonna be like the disciplinarian and Edwards gonna be like the fun dad and it's gonna suck. [laughs]

E: I'm trying. You just have to care less. You have to care less. I can't. I don't know how to help you. [laughs]

H: Alright, we're gonna do some questions from our listeners, you guys, because I cannot psychoanalyze this- just this one particular couple, we also have to deal-

E: [laughs]

H: -with people that are actually looking for advice, unlike you who I'm giving it to unprompted.

Everyone: [laughs]

H: First question- oh wait! No, No! You brought a poem so you should do a poem!

E: Yeah.

J: I did bring a poem. Okay so this- I love this poem. It's by Emily Dickinson, who by the way was thought to have not just depression but possibly ADHD. 

H: Oh wow.

J: So, it's called I had no time to hate, because.
I had no time to hate, because /
The grave would hinder me. /
And life was not so ample I /
Could finish enmity. 

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