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For those of you who have been watching for the last year, you've probably noticed any number of dogs on the set with me curled up napping while I sexplained. Caring for these dogs has been a great way for me to give back to my community while getting puppy time. Some of them were found in very rough shape, others healthy but still homeless. Getting to love on them and train them a little for their new forever homes has been wonderful, and educational! From the very first day my sex education increased as I learned from others on the rescue teams and the dogs themselves about sexuality.
Pupdate: Since the making of this episode, all nine dogs that were in my care at that moment have been placed and transported. I ended up driving six of them, plus my own, from south eastern Baja where I live to Vancouver, Canada in the Sexplanations RV. I have video footage of the five day trip to make into a short film for DoeEyes (my personal vlog). It was a very wild adventure -- sex ed RV, 7 dogs, two border crossings, COVID, and riots -- also very very rewarding.
If you'd like more information about dog rescue you can visit any of these sites:

Here's a link to Isabella Rossalini's Green Porno and Seduce Me:

Here's a link to Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation:

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