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Last year I met charismatic wonder woman on the plane returning to Missoula named Princess. We both had similar fast-friends personalities and joie de vivre so a year into our friendship I asked her to be on the Sexplanations podcast and talk about mania with me. How do we as passion people navigate the ups and downs? Where do we find stability? How do hormones play a role in the destruction of love, or is it not that at all? What would we tell our past selves? Are we bigger fans of penetration or vibration? Thoughts on oral sex? Thoughts on being single? We discuss fantasies about veins and water masturbation. We discuss friendship and romance and sex. That's what you're here for, right?

Sextra Credit: Identify unhealthy manic behaviors and contemplate how you want to turn them into positive behaviors. If you don't have mania in your life, do an evaluation of mania in songs or films.
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