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In which Hank and John sing a duet.


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A Bunny
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(Video begins with Hanks playing guitar and John singing)

John: In 2006, I fell in love with Ze.
And I told my brother Hank
That we should do the same thing our way.

Hank: I thought he was crazy
But each day to me, he'd say,
John: Hank, DFTBA.

Both: Oh, goodbye Brotherhood 2.0
We know that you'll be sad to see it go
Will you miss us if we go from My Pants
Or will you do your Happy Dance?

Hank: What The Buck took over and Chris Crocker cried
John: Tay Zonday sang and LonelyGirl died
Hank: In a year when some guy said, "Don't taze me, bro,"
John: We took that bro, and we added 2.0

Both: Oh, goodbye Brotherhood 2.0
We know that you'll be sad to see it go
Every time we think about My Pants
It makes us do our Happy Dance.

John: Blended meals and shirtless pics and waxing my chin.
Hank: No more! We never have to do that crap again.
John: Do you think we're closer now than we were last year?
Hank: John, we're doing a duet. I think that's abundantly clear.

Hank: Oh, goodbye Brotherhood 2.0
We know that you'll be sad to see it go
I don't ever think we'll leave from My Pants,
So you can do your Happy Dance.
Yeah, you can do your Happy Dance.

Hank: A funny thing we realized while we wrote this song:
John: It's been about more than us all along.
Hank: Awesome people got together to do awesome things.
Both: And that's why it makes us so sad to sing.

Both: Oh, goodbye Brotherhood 2.0
John: We know that you'll be sad to see it go
Hank: But we won't ever leave My Pants
So you can do your Happy Dance.

Hank: And though it is true that our project is ending,
John: The rules, it seems, may need some amending.
Hank: To all of Youtube, we must say,
Both: John and Hank Green are here to stay.

Hank: Oh, hello to whatever comes next.
John: Here's to a thousand more secret projects.
Hank: We fell in love with Nerdfighting and couldn't let it go.

(John happy dances)

So to 2008 we say hello!

(Hank jams on the guitar and finishes the song)
Hank: That went really good, John, until the end when I like, hit my thumb really hard on the E string and ow. Do you have anything to say to the Nerdfighters while I'm sucking my wound?

John: Nerdfighters, you're the best, and I don't mean that figuratively.

Hank: It's been Nerdfightastic. We'll see you weekly in January.

John: To 2008 we say hello!
And I promise, no matter what happens next year, I'll never sing again.

(John Happy Dances again)
(Hank drinks strawberry Hill whilst having a box on his head)