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YouTuber and author John Green thinks Hazel Grace would watch beauty gurus and Augustus would be very into classic viral videos. John also thinks Nat Wolff is hot and is not afraid to tell the world.
Make sure to watch Lauren's interview with Shailene Woodley and Nat Wolff here:


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Hosted by Lauren Elizabeth



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Music provided by Extreme Music.
Augustus: I'm Augustus Waters. I've been in remission for about a year and a half.

Patrick: Maybe you'd like to share some of your fears with the group?

Augustus: Fears? Oblivion.

Lauren: So, I think the most incredible thing I saw last night besides the movie was you vlogging your entrance into your own movie. I'm a YouTuber as well, aside from AwesomenessTV, and I was just like, I was Tweeting, I was like, "The most amazing thing just happened. Two worlds collided." What is it like being an author with this huge movie coming out but also being a YouTuber and a part of that community?

John: Well, I mean, I love YouTube, I love being a YouTuber, you know, I've been a YouTuber for a long time, and I love the YouTube community, and I love making YouTube videos, so I wasn't gonna miss that opportunity to-

Nat: Yeah.

John: -to turn my camera on, like, even when we were on set for the movie, all the time, I'd pull Nat aside when he had 15 minutes off or whatever, and be like, come on, make a video with me. It was just, you know, it's great, it's really great for me when I can bring people in our community into my experiences, like, it just feels good because I want them to be there with me. So, it was really special.

Lauren: And then Nat, for you, I haven't seen you since you were like, a kid, and then I saw you in the trailer, and I was just like, "Oh my gosh, this is amazing".

John: He got so hot.

Nat: Yeah.

Lauren: You got so hot, and then I don't know if you watch YouTube videos as much as John, but if you had to guess what kind of YouTube videos all the characters would watch or Isaac listen to, what do you think YouTube videos they would watch?

Nat: Isaac listen to.

John: Oh, brutal. True.

Nat: Yeah.

John: God, that's a good question. I feel like Hazel would watch some of those, like, very naturalistic beauty gurus who I also watch, by the way, like, I'm actually...

Lauren: Guilty.

Nat: You're talking about Shailene.

John: Huh?

Nat: You're talking about Shailene or just Hazel?

John: No. No, I don't think Shai would watch any kind of beauty gurus. And then maybe for Gus, like, the sort of like, funny viral David After Dentist, funny sports videos, stuff like that. Yeah, I don't know about Isaac. You're the Isaac.

Nat: I think he'd be watching some Nerdfighter videos.

John: You think you'd like the Vlogbrothers?

Nat: Yeah.

John: He'd like the Vlogbrothers. He would, I mean, you know, he's sort of, yeah, maybe.

Lauren: And then if there's one message you want the audience to get from the movie, what would it be?

John: For me, it's that the lives of sick people are not separate from any other life, and that any human life is complex and rich and can be full, and it isn't only long lives that can be good lives.

Nat: Yeah. Yeah.

Lauren: Well, thank you so much. It was an incredible movie, it was amazing.

John: Oh, thank you so much, thanks for watching it.

Lauren: Thank you for...

John: Did you really like it or do you just feel obligated to say that?

Lauren: No, I was...

Isaac: You know, Gus talks about you all the time.

Hazel: We're just friends.

Gus: I hope you realize you trying to keep your distance from me in no way lessens my affection for you.

Hazel: Gus, I'm a grenade.