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Is Hank a reptilian-human hybrid? How do I grieve and also be there for my students? What do you do when you do something terrible by accident? And more!

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Hank: Hello and welcome to Dear Hank and John! 

Matthew: Or as i like to call it dear Matt and Hank 

H: Hey Matthew Gatos is here! 

M: I'm here

H: This is a comedy podcast about death where we dispense dubious advice, usually me and my brother but sometimes me and a special guest. We also will bring you the no- news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon. Matthew Gatos- 

M: Yes 

H: How are you but also who are you? 

M: [chuckle] The better question who am I 

H: Why are you, why

M: Why am I, why 

H: I'm sorry-

M: Um, I am Matthew Gatos. I am a producer at your video making company complexly. 

H: I mean you've been a video making person for a long time

M: Yeah 

H: People know you from your internet things 

M: Yeah, I make youtube videos on my own channel as well but i get paid to make youtube videos for sexplanations and animal wonders and the financial diet

H: Yes, oh thank you um and uh we've been friends for a long time... 

M: Yeah it's been about four years since i moved down here 

H: Yeah 

M: Yeah 

H: I think we knew each other before then

M: A little bit-

H: Internet friends 

M: Yeah 

H: Yeah, well thank you very much for moving to Missoula for initially a bad, not a fun job 

M: Yeah i was just packing some t-shirts into some bags and sending them out to the people who are listening to this who ordered pizza john shirts. 

H: Yeah thank you uh for doing that- 

M: No problem.

H: But now new job. 

M: Yes new job, producer man

H: Uh so you're also... I just, I just heard that you want to be at podcon. Have you got your podcon ticket?

M: I have not actually I'm planning on doing the whole indiegogo thing soon though.

H: What- so explain me why you've waited so that I can understand the psychology of people who haven't immediately bought their tickets.

M: For me, it is a budgetary reason, that it's like for this month's budget it's not listed right there so i'm gonna wait until payday and be like hey right now i can write it into next month's budget.

H: Nice, so are you taking this advice from the financial diet, the youtube channel you've helped produce all right?

M: It's been uh, every week when i'm editing financial diet I'm like I should be doing that-

H: [Laughs]

M: Like I should have already been doing this thing, and I'm not, and then later on they'll make another video…

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M: ...being like you know guys we already made a video about this thing that you should be doing by now and I'm like I'm not though…

H: [Laughs]

M: They would be so ashamed of me if they knew 

H: Yeah, you could see you're getting on top of your stuff

M: I'm trying 

H: That's good 

M: Yeah trying

H: I appreciate you considering your own budget first before the budget of my convention that is the way it should be-

M: But then I'm getting the swag bag one

H: Oh yeah so you're, you're saving up for…

M: Yeah yeah yeah I think it's like the 125 tier or whatever 

H: Yeah 

M: Because that seems like- 

H: Price will go up after the indiegogo ends 

M: Oh man i got to get in there then 

H: Just so you know. Um, all right well, did you bring a short poem for me?

M: I did kind of bring a short poem 

H: Is it just the lyrics from a green day song?

M: No! 

H: [Laughs]

M: But you're not that far off

[Both laughing]

M: Uh this one... i'll just, i'll read it first and then tell you who it's from 

H: Okay 

M: [reading] Dig through the graveyard. 

Rub the bones against my face 

It gets real nice around the graveyard, once you've acquired the taste

And when the clouds do clear away 

Get a momentary chance to see 

The thing i've been trying to beat to death 

The soft creature that i used to be 

H: Ooh. 

M: [speaking normally] that's, off the new album “Goths” by the Mountain Goats 

H: Oh my god of course! We should only do John Darnell lyrics as dear hank and john poems.

M: I was like looking up like, Walt Whitman things, and all this other stuff and I was like “oh what should i do...” 

H: Yeah 

M: And then I realized all i've been listening to this week was the new Mountain Goats record

H: mhm

M: And I was like well clearly there's gotta be something on there-

H: It's pretty much like all poetry what that man does

M: Yep

H: I find that I sing a lot of Mountain Goat songs to my son as he is going to sleep because they are good lullabies

M: [tries to speak over him, unintelligible]

H: As long you don't know the what the words mean 

M: That's also helpful that he's young enough to not really understand tham

H: Like singing “love, love, love and love, love, love” has like a really sort of sweet, like refrain but then it's all about- 

M: Yeah 

H: Really bad stuff 

M: And you don't want to see like no children 

H: Right 

M: To your child especially

H: [Laughs]

M: Once he starts understanding what the words mean 

H: Yeah…

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