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No! Please do not! Oh, strong dis... Swedish referee, you have disappointed and disgusted me.

Leroy Williamson with a big tackle. They're gonna say that that was a foul but they're wrong.

Come on! Scott McBeanie!

That was not a foul! That was a... prototypical example of a Christian side hug that had nothing... There was no, not even a smidge of foul in it.

Are you, you're gonna give me a yellow card for hugging? Jesus.

Twenty seconds in, Scott McBeanie calls a foul on me for a mere small time Christian side hug.

I don't understand how any of that play could possibly have resulted in Everton getting a free kick back there.

Ah was not a foul! Oh! It's frustrating.

Oh! That is not a foul! Come on! I mean, for th... Oh no.

Yeah, see I'm going to get this belated yellow card. I lost my temper. I'm sorry, OK.

That was not a foul. I got right in front of him and I gave him a nice hug and I fell down while I gave it to him but that's not against the rules.

That was not a foul! No, no, no, no. Disagree. Strong disagree. Edgar, you dove. We both know it.

That's not a foul. I was just trying to get him from behind and grab him by the waist and see what happened. That's not a foul.

That's not a foul. I just... What I did was I just got really low and I tried to give him an ankle hug but I wanted to do it with my feet and I had my cleats out. That's not a foul is it?

That was not a foul! I got in front of him, it was a perfectly justifiable hug.

Oh, a great t... No! That was a great tackle! There was nothing wrong with that tackle! Everything was legal! Everything was legal about that tackle!

Oh, I deserve a yellow card for that but the guy doesn't deserve a yellow card for injuring the best player in the history of the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers? Fantastic. That wasn't even a foul, it was a Christian side hug.

What? You're gonna bring it all the way back? We, it was, that was literally ten minutes ago and it was nothing but a Christian side hug. Ridiculous. Terrible refereeing.

I disagree with you Russian referee! That was a Christian side hug, that was not a foul and now I'm angry.

How was that a... Why... What was the foul? I'd like to see a replay of that, the referee is having an anti-John Green agenda.

Are you going to give me a s... another yellow card? Well Leroy Williamson disagrees. Not a foul. Not even a foul let alone a yellow card. It was a knee-to-knee contact.

That was not a foul. That was... prototypical, down the line, hip-to-hip Christian side hug non-foul.

That is not a foul! What!? What... Where was the foul? I didn't even touch him! I tried to touch him but I failed!

What! How could y... I'll tell you what, if putting my knee against another man's knee and doing a little tiny bit of rubbing is a foul in this game then I don't even want to be a professional soccer player.