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John Green and Stan Muller talk about the future of Crash Course Humanities

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CC Kids:
Hi, I'm John Green, and this is not Crash Course: World History because we're taking a week off. However, we do have four episodes of World History left. After that, we will be done. We will be done learning about the history of the world. We will have completed it. We will know everything that there is to know about world history. Congratulations.
Stan has just informed me that, apparently, there is more world history than just what we talked about on Crash Course: World History. That's disappointing to learn. He also says that some stuff happened today that we haven't covered, and that stuff will happen tomorrow, and et cetera… hhuuhhh. History. It just keeps happening!
Anyway, speaking of Stan: starting in a few weeks, Stan is going to be hosting a Crash Course miniseries on intellectual property and copyright law, which is hugely important to all of us who care about making things and art and the quality of internet, so I'm very excited for that.
Also, there's going to be Crash Course: Economics. Adriene Hill and Jacob Clifford will be teaming up to teach you economics so that you can understand, you know, why you are oppressed by the system of capitalism.
Apparently Stan says that I can't say that.
So that you can understand why the system of capitalism has been so beneficial to you.
Apparently Stan says I also can't say that.
I—I don't know. That's why I'm going—I'm going to, to learn as well.
As for me, in the coming year I'll be popping into Crash Course videos here and there, but I have this other job, writing books. Come to think of it, it's both an intellectual property problem and an economics problem. So I, I'm going to try to write a book in the coming year, so you won't see quite as much of me, but enjoy Crash Course: Economics and Crash Course: Intellectual Property.
Stan says that I have to leave the frame now so that he can enter it. Bye!
Stan: Hi, I'm Stan Muller, and I'm a real person.
I'm very excited that this April I'm going to spend a few weeks teaching you about intellectual property. The idea of protecting intellectual property has been around for a long time. We're gonna talk about the history of IP, how it works, and what it looks like today.
Anyway, I'm really excited to learn about all this amazing stuff with you. I'll see you in a few weeks.