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In which John goes to Tomato Town.

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Transcriber's note: It is difficult to hear child laborer, Jacob Carroll, in the background throughout this video. I've done what I can to at least put the general idea of what he seems to be saying, however unintelligible. DFTBA. <3


Hello! My name is John Green, and I play Fortnite as a pacifist. The rules are simple: I do not shoot first. And I'm going to find a way to win. I can do this! I believe in himself! I have with me, my child labor, Jacob Carroll. His brother, Noah, is away at camp, so is unavailable. But I think Jacob's beien doing a great job.

The big issue with winning Fortnite as a pacifist is me. I have not been good enough, and I wanna apologize. Jacob, where are we gonna go here? It looks like...[Jacob suggests Junk Junction.] We could go to Junk Junction. We had a really good game that started at Junk Junction once. [Jacob says something about not going to Junk Junction.] Don't go to Junk Junction. [Jacob mentions the weekly challenges.] There's challenges at Junk Junction, so let's go -

How about Pleasant Park? No? Too populous? Can I throw out an idea that we just go to the top of a mountain somewhere? ["We need to get some meds."] You're very worries about meds! What about Anarchy Acres? Will there me meds at Anarchy Acres? What about Tomato Town? Alright, we'll go to Tomato Town.

"Isn't there a secret tunnel there?" asks Henry. ["I have no idea."] I also do not know about the secret Tomato Town tunnel. Okay. ["You should get off."] I should get off? Okay. 

[Directs him toward Tomato Town, saying "the little tomato head on top"] It's go the tomato head on top it. That guy is hopefully not going to Tomato Town. [something about the rift] Okay. Okay. Let's see. What's "the rift?" 

["After the rocket launch, it created - It's over there, a little to the left. There."] Okay, I'm headed to Tomato Town. The question is "Is anyone else headed to Tomato Town?" [Probably not.] Probably not? Okay. ["Yeah, or one person. But usually no one."] What about that little house? [confirms] Okay.

["See? That's a rift right there."] That's a rift? ["Yeah, it's gets bigger as the game keeps going."] Do I want to run into those? Or not? ["No."]

Okay. Now, I'm in Tomato Town. ["Okay, go in there. There's a chest in there. Hopefully it has meds."] There's a chest in there and we're gonna hope it has meds. 

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