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In which Hank screams his way around the Anaheim Convention Center and then, eventually, all the way home.

So...lots of things in this video:

1. Celebrate the Web Pilot Contest:

2. T-Shirt Design Contest:

3. VidCon VYou Questions:

4. King of the Web: Follow @VidCon twitter or visit next week!

5. Open Mic Room

6. Crash Course Google+ Meetup on Wednesday from 12 to 1pm pacific!



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Hank Green: Good morning, John, I'm in Anaheim right now, look, it's Anaheim out there, it looks mostly just white, but I promise, that's the Anaheim Convention Center. I'm here planning for VidCon, because apparently I didn't have enough to do with Lizzie Bennett Diaries and 2D glasses and SciShow and CrashCourse and DFTBA Records. Starting now, we're going to travel around this place where we're having VidCon in June by screaming... (scream montage) This is the lobby of the Hilton, quite nice. (scream montage) And here we are in the main lobby, where we will be having our registration desks and people will be walking in through those doors and it will be VidCon! (scream montage) And now we are in the expo hall, which is a truly gigantic room. And it's off-limits to me in here so... (scream montage) Oh my God, it's the arena. Wow. This is where we will be having our main stage events. The stage will be here, nobody will be sitting in those seats up there, they will all be sitting back here, and of course, on the floor, there will be floor seating, and that's how the main stage will be happening, which is a freaking arena! (scream montage) And now we're back at the Convention Center going up to the second floor (scream montage) This is a quarter mile long building, and we have the whole second and third floors, lot of space, and we're filling it all up, everybody wants to do something, it's pretty cool (scream montage) This is the freaking awesome building, it's just nice and spacious and airy and it's actually like, there's light and it's not in a basement, which is what we had last year, and my cell phone works, which it's just, it's a, it's a lot better (scream montage) And now we're on this big outdoor awesome deck on the third floor, that's Disney back there. Right now, in this building, all the people I just freaked out are dentists, so that's not the most exciting conference in the world, though I did see that there was a talk on Dentistry's Role in Bioterrorism Events, which, yay! Previous years at VidCon it's always felt like there, it's really easy to get in front of people, if people already know who you are, but if you're a talented person and you haven't got your name out there yet, it's harder, and so we're trying to make that easier this year, with a few different things. Also other opportunities that I wanted people to know about including, VidCon is partnering with Celebrate the Web for a webseries pilot contest, and if you win, there are a lot of very cool prizes. The deadline for that is very soon, information in the description. For designers, you can potentially design the shirt that everyone will be wearing at this year's VidCon, literally, and if your design is selected, you will win a free Looxcie camera, pretty cool. We've also been asking a bunch of VidCon related questions at VYou, you can go there now and answer those questions and potentially something cool might happen if we actually take one of your suggestions. King of the Web is working with us to crown a bunch of various VidCon Kings in music and gaming and vlogging and other categories, pretty sure that comes with a free ticket to VidCon as well as like a bunch of cash, so we'll posting more information about that at soon. Musicians, you can apply for our open mic room, where people who are a little bit less well known will be able to play in front of VidCon attendees. Also at this year's VidCon, we will be raising money for the Project for Awesome and the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck through a book drive and a charity auction, so bring books if you're coming to VidCon! Also, I'm really excited, there's a thing that we're doing, where you basically unlock achievements if you do certain things at VidCon, you get ribbons to put on your badge. The ribbons will show up at certain events, they'll be given to people who are curious or who are awesome or creative or costumed. Also, speaking of costumes, we will be having an online video costume contest this year, and the winners of that will get to come up on stage. I'm sorry, of course, to everyone who can't come. This has been an exhausting as well as an exciting trip, so now, I am going home. (scream montage) And I almost forgot, you should go to next week. On Wednesday, where will be answering your questions and giving you some behind the scenes look at how CrashCourse works. (scream montage) *sigh* John, I'll see you on Tuesday.