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I'm feeling much better now. I'm also feeling quite good about not being on Twitter right now. It seems quite messy, and also increasingly not that important...but that's probably how it felt to everyone who wasn't on it.

2023 sure is going to be interesting...

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Good morning John, like an absolute accidental mutant of a KitKat, this video comes to you in three parts. Part number one: When you get food poisoning, as I did last night, it's important to recognize that you don't necessarily know where you got the food poisoning.

This is because many things that deliver the same symptoms and are foodborne pathogens can have vastly different onset times. E. coli and Campylobacter bacteria, they could take like 2-5 days to get you whereas Staph, that might just take 15 minutes. Salmonella can be anywhere from 6 hours to 6 days.

Just because you ate something and then got sick doesn't mean the thing you ate got you sick, unless you ate that thing with a bunch of other people and they also got sick, which is what happened to me. So I know exactly what it was but I just think that's an interesting thing to know.

Part two: I've decided to not use Twitter between now and January, so that I can sort of have this break, which is supposed to be a holiday anyway.

And also be taking a break from whatever that it is that Twitter is because it's not like I don't have a lot of stuff I'd like to do during that break that's going to be fun and productive that won't be Twitter. However that doesn't mean that I have stopped having the desire to tweet or the ideas to tweet so I'd like to read to you some of the things I would've tweeted if I had been on Twitter.

"Is bubble water addictive?" This is an interesting question I like some scientists to tell me.

"What if we started an pho instant company, like the Vietnamese noodle, and called it Un-pho-getable." Ooooogh, that's probably for the best.

"If we want to save the world we need ways to make Rich Bros feel powerful without giving them any actual power." Probably again for the best. Like that's not a nuanced take because the best tweets are the worst ones. Right? We all know this.

"It's not good to be good at something bad." This is real- This was about me. So-fra-that sounds judgemental but no it was specifically about me feeling like I'm good at tweeting. And that, that doesn't mean I should do it.

"Don't go around pronouncing medieval like medieval, you'll never learn to spell it that way. You gotta say me-di-eh-val." And like me-di-eh-val, that's gotta be better right? 'Cause medieval makes it sound like it's the "middle of evil." I don't think that was what it was or what we intended for it to mean.

I've also got "Don't ever rag on someone for their music tastes. Music is such a glorious part of the human experience and literally no good can come from making it worse for someone." I feel like that one was pretty good.

Part number three: John, it's time for the Nerdfighteria census. Yes I have been sitting on my butt all morning, writing questions and modifying questions and adding new social networks that didn't exist a year ago.

If you don't know what this is, every year since 2013, we put out a survey to our audience so that we can better understand you, what you're up to, what you want from us, what you'd like to do, what's- are you struggling with, what you're optimistic about. It very much informs the decisions that we make, it helps us understand this community better, and it's one of my favorite parts of the year. So there's a link in the description, you can click on it and go fill out the census, now!

I have intentionally made this video short so that you have some extra time and I give back to you so that you can give it back to me when you fill out the census. John, I'm gonna go lie back down, I'll see you on Tuesday.