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In which Hank says thanks, spraypaints his head, and sings a tad bit more


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(has gelled mohawk) Good morning John, it's Friday, June 20th. And I have a mohawk. A big fake mohawk. And I have some spray can paint! (sprays) Ow, my eyes are burning. What the hell? It's like, hair paint mixed with mace. (sprays) It's pretty green, huh? OK, now, for real: Punishment complete. I dressed up like a freaking Goth and then I spray painted a faux hawk green.Now that my punishment is complete, on to more important business. The most important business for the day, I think, has to do with the fact that my chair will, in fact, spin on its own at a certain speed as long as I am sitting on it. And I think that maybe I might have discovered some kind of perpetual motion machine, and I should probably be seeking some kind of patent. What is this? Like, the weight of my body on my chair makes it spin.OK, actually the most important piece of business for the day is that people liked my Harry Potter song a lot. The truth of the matter is that I like it a lot too. I actually find myself singing it quite a lot, which feels kind of funny. I also, sometimes, sing it in different styles.(sings country) I'm gettin' kinda tired of this prepublication media blitz. I got- I've got all of Muggle kind under your spell.(raps) Don't you know the whole world's already gone and reserved a copy at Amazon?(nerdy singing) How many more books do they expect to sell?(Hard rock) Just give me my book or go to hell!(spoken) Just, in general, ah, yeah I- I- I like the song quite a bit as well. Uh, can't take all the credit. Katherine helped me write it. We sat on the porch and I played, and I'd be like, God, nothing in the world rhymes with bell! And Katherine'd be like, um, spell is a good word for a song about Harry Potter. And I'd be like, yeah, spell. So a bit of a group effort. Also, Lizzy from the Leaky Cauldron, who helped to spread the word about the video. And everyone who rated the video high! That's amazing! And everyone who favorited it, that's also amazing. I right now have the number five top rated song on YouTube, which is kind of like a dream come true. I have a small understanding of what it would be like to be a small time rock star. That is how I'm feeling right now. Which is sort of an amazing feeling. But it could be better, so please, everyone do what you will with this song. It's only kind of good until tomorrow WHEN THE BOOK COMES OUT! So you know, it probably be good to get as many people listening to it as possible in, uh, the next twelve hours. Please, do what you can to avoid spoilers! They've been popping up all over the place, and we're doing our best to prevent them from being anywhere near Brotherhood 2.0 but we can't watch everything all at once. So just close you're eyes as fast as you can whenever you see anything about Harry Potter. I put a link to an mp3 of the file, uh, below (points) right there, if you're on Otherwise you can go to and it will be there.I am really glad that everyone liked it so much. It's really good to have people saying such nice things they may change their mind now that they see my green mohawk, but none the less, um, thank you all very much. By this time tomorrow those of us who care will have copies of Deathly Hallows, and I won't expect to be hearing from any of you, ah, but John I will see you on Monday.