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Grass stains, wine stains, blood stains, oh my! Ever lost your carpet or favorite clothes to a stainy tragedy? Never again! Let's discuss the surprising ways to clean and remove the world's most dastardly and common stains!

Article on ink stains:

Some general tips to getting stains out:
Tip #1: The sooner you try removing laundry stains, the better. Remember: “New stains wash out. Old stains set in.”
Tip #2: Regular detergent plus hot water removes lots of stains.
Tip #3: Create a stain removal basket to keep all your laundry stain removal supplies in. This includes many of the items you may find around your house anyway:
Acetone (nail polish remover)
Chlorine bleach
Color bleach
Enzyme pretreatment sprays
Eye dropper
Hydrogen peroxide
Liquid laundry detergent
Rubbing alcohol
Soft brush
Spot remover or other solvent
Spray bottles
White vinegar

Tip #4: If you’re afraid to ruin the garment, test the stain treatment product in a hidden area of the garment first.
Tip #5: Check for stains three different times during the laundry cycle.
1. Check for stains while gathering and sorting laundry so you can pretreat immediately.
2. Check again right before you put the clothes in the washing machine – you may have missed something the first time around.
3. Check one more time before putting the clothes in the dryer. Once they are dried, the heat will set any stains you missed or didn’t come out on the first try.
Tip #6: Never mix ammonia with white vinegar or chlorine bleach. Either combination can create hazardous fumes.
The University of Illinois has a searchable database on stain solutions from A to Z. It covers carpets, upholstery, and washable fabrics for common stains like wine and grass to uncommon stains like ashes and cough syrup.

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Executive Producers:
Hank & John Green
Both: Hey!

Emma: So let's say you're hosting a dinner party and one of your guests asks you for recommendations of an awesome new TV show to watch. Excitedly, you raise your wine glass in the air and shout- 

Mike: Real cat-punchers of Indiana!

E: And you've spilled wine all over your dress shirt!

M: Well worry not, friends! We've got you covered. Here are ways to clean common stains.

E: For red wine stains on clothes. You'll need: salt, a white towel and, strangely enough, white wine, or unflavored club soda. Pour salt onto the stain if it's still fresh, but don't pat or rub it in. After a couple of minutes, rinse it off with warm water. To keep the stain from setting you can pour white wine or club soda onto it. Use a white towel to blot the stain so you can see how much red you're removing. 

M: For carpet spills you will need the same process. White wine again works surprisingly well, but you can also use high proof clear liquor, which is a thing that I don't have around, and so if you're in that kind of situation, you can use unflavored club soda. Again, I don't have that around, but tell you what: if I got into a world where suddenly it was like wine stains are a possibility in my lifestyle, imma go get these things. These are the ingredients that are gonna prevent my catastrophe. 

E: Club soda and hard clear liquor.

M: Yep.

E: That's where the party's at!

Both: *laugh*

M: Keep applying the liquor to the stain, while soaking it up with a towel until it disappears.

E: For berry stains, you'll need dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. First, scrape off any excess with a spatula or plastic knife. Then, apply a hydrogen peroxide formula using half a teaspoon of dish soap and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Rinse and put it in the laundry.

M: *while laughing* wrap it in a blanket...

E: *exasperated* Mike! Number One, if you're gonna do it you have to commit to it!

M: I'm sorry! Alright.

E: Number Two, you know how I feel about that!

M: You know there is something of a campaign afoot in the comments section.

E: Is there?

M: That the catchphrase is "wrap it in a blanket and smack it..."

E: What?! You guys?!?!

M: *laughs*

E: I'm Team Not That Catchphrase. Or there's Team Mike, so we're gonna need to talk about this at length.

M: How about good ol' ketchup. First, treat the stain with a stain remover like "Shout!". Then, take white vinegar if the stain remains, and use a toothbrush, believe it or not, to brush it in and remove the stain. 

E: I wanted to yell "SHOUT" when you said "shout" but I didn't want to throw you off your game.

M: A little bit louder now?

E: No I can't! For good old mustard, mix a half teaspoon of dish soap, a half cup of water and a few drops of white vinegar. Apply the solution to the mustard stain and allow to soak. Rinse well with hot water and launder.


M: Scrape off any excess chocolate from the cloth, by the way is there such a thing as excess chocolate?

E: When it's on your clothes I would probably call that excess. It's wasted it what it is.

M: There! Then spray the stain in a dish soap solution which is going to be made from 1 tbs of clear soap mixed with 10 ox. of water. Finally dab it with detergent and wash it immediately.

E: For grass stains you can use stain remover, clean toothbrush, and bleach. Treat the stain with a stain remover like shout and let sit for 15 minutes. You can rub in the solution with the clean toothbrush. If the stain remains, launder with bleach that's safe for that kind of fabric.


M: So this applies to me big time because of my life fighting crime. To quote Real Simple, "if the stain is still wet, soak fabric in cold water immediately. Rub the stain well with a bar of soap, lathering gently." Tip: for light-colored fabrics, dab with hydrogen peroxide, which acts as bleach. If the stain has already dried, spray with stain-removal solution, which is one part ammonia to two parts water. 

E: Ink in clothes! This is complicated, there are at least three different types of ink and they all call for different cleaning strategies. We're gonna put some links to our favorite articles re: ink stain cleaning in the doobly doo below. In general for ink stains on clothing, act fast. Once it dries, the ink is harder to clean.

M: Now, we consider ourselves semi-professional adults and even we were really surprised by how many ways there are to clean like every stain. There's just a ton of material we couldn't fit into this video but you can find some of it in the dooblydoo below.

E: So what stain solutions do you use? Do you have any stain fighting tips? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

M: In the meantime, maybe by the time the next dinner party rolls around we're gonna have that catchphrase sorted out.

E: We had that catchphrase sorted out but I spilled wine on it. We will let you know when the stain comes out.

M: IF the stain comes out.

E: It's gonna come out, we had foolproof tips!

M: It's true.