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How to vote in North Carolina! Everything you need to know from registering and voter ID laws to absentee voting and sample ballots!



General information about voting & registration:

Official NC Board of Elections website:

Check your registration status:

Registration form:

Absentee/mail ballot request fomr:

Find your County Board of Elections office:

Early voting locations an hours:

Find your polling place:

Find your nearest DMV:

Find your county board of elections’ website:

“Appeals court strikes down North Carolina’s voter-ID law” The Washington Post, July 29, 2016

“Supreme Court Blocks North Carolina From Restoring Strict Voting Law” New York Times, August 31, 2016


Hi North Carolina. In July the federal courts threw out the laws that restricted North Carolina registration and voting. So here's the great news: Early voting starts on Thursday October 20th. You can register at the polling place and then vote, same day registration. You don't need a photo ID, but it might speed things along. All you need to tell them is the last four digits of your social security number and fill out and sign a brief form. Complete North Carolina voting info is right here at this link, or in the description below.

Anyone in North Carolina can vote by mail, otherwise known as voting absentee, for any reason, and it's one of the easiest ways to vote. All you have to do is download the form in the link below, fill it out, and mail it to your County Board of Elections office. There's a link to all of their addresses in the description. You have until November 1st to request an absentee ballot, but the sooner you apply, the sooner you'll get your ballot, and the longer you'll have to look it over and make your decisions. Then, all you have to do is mail your ballot back to the County Board of Elections office so that it gets there by November 8th.

But if you want that experience of voting in person on election day, on November 8th, the polls are open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm and there's a link below that will tell you where to go to vote. Before you go vote, you can also go to your county board of elections' website to look at a sample ballot that tells you everything you'll be able to vote for in your county. Now you don't have to vote for every single item on the ballot. You can leave things blank if you want to, but your local elections can be very important, so it's worth checking out what's on there ahead of time. You can even print out, and fill out the sample ballot, and bring it to the polls with you, so you don't forget how you wanted to vote. All the links you need to check your registration and polling locations are in the description. Thank you for voting.