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In which Hank blows some blowers, asks some questions, and then blasts back on the weeekeeepedia controversy.


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A Bunny
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Good Morning John, it's Thursday, May 17th.
(blows party blowers in a tune)

(Sings) Katherine, it's your birthday. Happy Birthday, Katherine. Katherine, it's your birthday. doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, AHHHH!

That's right, it's Katherine Green's birthday. Happy birthday Katherine! We're the same age again! Every year, for 12 days, we are different ages, and it just throws me completely off. No, it doesn't, it doesn't really. Anyway, I have to do this video quickly, because Katherine has birthday needs to attend to.

For example, we're having a party tonight, and I'd rather if she didn't have to clean the house in preparation for the party. That would just be lame, to have to clean up for your own birthday party.
So Katherine doesn't know what she's getting yet, aside from a France-themed birthday party. So I can't actually tell you what she's getting, because she's going to watch this before she gets it, and that would ruin the surprise! I'm excited about the party, but we have some other things to attend to.

First, as for the proposed book proposals, I have no idea how to write a book proposal for a fiction book. Right now, all I have is stories in my head, and they're getting better and funner and more, like, cool and sort of intense, so I'm excited about that, but, y'know. How do you propose fiction? Do you, like, make the list of characters and propose situations and talk abou- I- I don't know. It's- It's a mystery to me. I need your help. I feel like it's something that you must know. Maybe you've even done that before.

Second, wiki. The word wiki is a word for a collaborative website, and it is pronounced wicky. Wikipedia is a mix of the words wiki and encyclopedia. If the mix occurred at the -opedia and the wik-, then you would have wik-a-pedia. But the mix occurs after wiki and then -pedia, so you have wiki-pedia. I AM RIGHT ABOUT THIS. I've been wrong about many things in my life. Once, during a presentation on the renaissance, I pronounced façade 'fake-ade'. I was wrong. But about Wikipedia, I am right.

I went to the Wikipedia page on Wikipedia, and if Wikipedia is right about anything, it's right about itself. Pronunciations of Wikipedia include: wickypedia and weekypedia. Those are the two pronunciations of Wikipedia. Not wick-ih-pedia, not wick-uh-pedia. Wickypedia. There were people in the comments who were changing the way that they pronounce Wikipedia because you were wrong. In fact, they have a button you can click, to hear someone pronouncing the word Wikipedia, and that person pronounces it:
(computerized female voice) wickypedia.

I mean, this is an interesting side-effect of text-based communication. When you only read words, you never find out how they're actually pronounced. But, because we're not using text-based communication any more, I get to find out when you're wrong, and thus I can correct you, and rub your face all in it.

So say it with me, John: Wicky-pedia. I'll see you tomorrow.