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This week's questions:
1:44 What are the risks of IUDs?
2:51 With Verma picked to head CMS, can you discuss her work on the Healthy Indiana Program? Specifically I'm curious about having Medicaid recipients pay premiums or else being locked out of coverage.
7:08 I have issues of muscle cramps (where the muscle seizes and will not let go), in my calves, when exercising. I use compression sleeves which usually work, but I will still get them-any other advice?
7:51 Could turmeric be used as an effective anti-inflammatory treatment? What does the research say?
8:27 Hi Dr. Carroll. A teacher of mine mentioned some people are using extremely high doses of IV vitamin C to treat cancer. Any info on this claim? What does the research say about this treatment?
9:53 I worked with a doctor in an ER who didn't know whether a patient had a PPO or an HMO based on their insurance card. Is it common for doctors not to know a lot about their patient's insurance plans?
11:03 Have you had a chance to read the new study on artificial sweeteners from PLOS? Any thoughts?
14:38 What are your thoughts on radioembolization to treat tumors in the liver?
15:03 If diet is the key to weight loss, as you've pointed out heavy exercise is not, aside from finding a diet you can stick to, are there any factors to focus on? Fibre, food water content, etc.
18:03 Hi! I'm from Mexico & I don't get why the ACA is so divisive? Who or what does it damage? It's not communist AT ALL.
19:11 Can you please explain how losing weight eases GERD symptoms?
19:47 What measures should people living in the developed world take to help prevent the incidence of immunoinflammatory disease?
20:41 Is it really bad for your throat to swallow pills without water/some kind of liquid? I always gag on pills if I don't just put them on the back of my tongue and swallow without any liquid.
21:45 are there any studies on the effects of listening to music and doing homework/work? does it help or harm concentration?
23:18 What is your opinion on electronic medical record systems?
24:51 Have there been any comprehensive meta analyses on nutritional science studies? There are so many different stories being reported, and the actual results are hard to find/understand
26:36 What do you think is the most widespread or worst health myth that people should stop believing?
27:30 What do you do when a patient has symptoms, and neurological testing says "Yes, there's physical evidence off this" but you've tested for both horses and zebras, but nothing comes back conclusive?
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