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On the evening of Sept. 2, 2018, a fire broke out in the the National Museum of Brazil (Museu Nacional) that devastated the building and destroyed more than 18 million objects and specimens. I wanted to know: as people - individually, and as communities - how do we process and recover from the loss of so much collective history, heritage and knowledge?

This video was filmed on February 25, 2020.
Executive Producer, Creator, Host:
Emily Graslie

Producer, Editor, Camera:
Sheheryar Ahsan

Production Assistant, Content Developer, Writer:
Raven Forrest

Writer, Production Support:
Vinícius Penteado

Interview with:
Beatriz Hörmanseder

Special Thanks, and Additional Imagery from:
Museu Nacional
Beatriz Hörmanseder
Emiliano Mega
Eneraldo Carneiro
Rômulo Fialdini
Valentino Fialdini
Rafael Moura
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