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In which Hank continues playing the hardest level in Portal and DOESN'T EVEN FINISH ...due to death goo.
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays Portal.

(0:05) I am not entirely sure what I need to do except that I have recently been attacked. I feel like I just need to go there, but oh, I need a companion - I need a cube on this. There's no cubes. Okay, I see. Okay. Okay. This is getting into the area where I don't really know what's going on, to be totally honest. 

(0:33) So let's push this. Aaa! Aaa! No! Okay, I'm behind them, and I'm, to be honest, not 100% on what I'm trying to do right now. No, I need it here. Shoot the thing. Shoot it! Yes! I'm a smartypants, aren't I? Went up into the corner. Okay.

(1:10) So if I remember correctly there is a thing here - aaaah! There's a thing there! Oh, but now I'm dead! That didn't take long. (Turret: Goodnight) Okay, goodnight! Yes, very creepy. 

(1:25) There's a companion cube over there, that is where I need to get to. Okay, Good! Right down the line of sight and boomt! Yeah, you just fell, into oblivion. Your friend's turn is next, and right down the line of sight once again. Got you! Ah, I missed. This one.

(2:12) Okay, alright. Well, now we seem to have taken care of, at least, most of the guys, so I should be able to just do this. Nothing is happening. Oh, I have to turn it on. Which way are you shooting? Are you shooting that way? Yes. Alright. Hopefully this will do something. Nope! How do I get up there to do that? How do I push that? That's crazy talk!

(2:47) Do I just jump? Jump and push? Did I get it? Apparently I got it. That is quick, that is quick. That's a quick, that's a quick. Oh my God, that is quick. I missed it, I fricking missed it. Okay, where are you? Bout to shoot on that wall? Bout to shoot on that wall. What? Oh my goodness graci - oh, okay. So, wait, what? I'm confused. I'll be honest, I'm confused. 

(3:44) So this is gonna come through there. And then somehow, I need to get up there to push that before, before anything else happens. So that's what you're saying. Okay, so it's possible, I just did not do it correctly the first time. Shoot it! You gonna shoot it? No. Yes!

(4:34) Oh, wait wait wait, wait for me, man! Ah. Okay, okay. Four minutes and forty seconds into it and I have initiated my trip over to the companion cube. Here I come companion cube. No, it's not a companion cube, it's just a weighted, it's just a cube. Not, not your, not my companion cube that I euthanized recently.

(5:06) Hua! What does this do? I'm a little bit disappointed that I just did that without knowing what it does. What? What what what wh-wh-wh-wh what what what what what what? Oh my God. Oh, what does that? What? I'm confused.

(5:34) Okay. This is complicated. Why am I stuck on this? I cannot. I was stuck, I was literally stuck.

(6:16) Yes! Would you believe it? You are all mine, cuby cubert. You are mine. We are going to go back and somehow, not entirely sure how, I am going to get you onto that red dot and this level is going to end and it's going to be awesome, it's going to take less than ten minutes. 

(6:41) Yes, good. Take me, take me home! Country roads! Alright, now how do I get through here? What do I do? Oh, I need to get back on that, is what I needed to do. Ah. Oh, cubyness, oh cubyness. Okay.

(7:09) Just waiting for this unstable mobile platform thing to come back to me so that I can get onto it. Get back over there, and do the thing that I need to do.

(7:20) Shoot that, and then I need to use the orange, for my secondary thing after I turn this on. Turn you on. Orange. What what what? Good, good, no wrong fricking side! Oh, okay. Wait I forgot the - I forgot the cube! Oh, it's okay, I just push that, and it'll come back out, then I can get the cube. I was worried about that, that made me worried. Okay. 

(7:58) Okay. Ah, right, here I am, I did it, I did it! Did I do it? Where am I? Wait, what's going on? There's more? There's more. There's more. There's more. That's a long way down! What color did I make that? Uh. Uhm. I don't know what's going on. Oh, shoot, oh shoot.

(8:49) Okay, now I'm definitely going to get nauseous. I'm definitely - stop, stop, stop. Oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God, I was gonna hurl and that was going to be less than good. 

(9:05) Oh, no. Death to Hank! Oh man, this is a long level! It's fun though, right? Totally fun. Alright. Um, I'm going to try this one more time, and then we're going to end the episode because we don't have that much more time. So blue. Ah, God. Nope, nope, nope. Might as well walk into the fricking death goo. Okay, a little more time, a little more time.

(9:37) Maybe we should just end it here. Maybe, in fact I'm definitely going to just end it here. So, thank you for watching me, I can't believe this chamber is still going on, very complicated chamber. Um, but, you will not see me and I will not see you, but you will hear me next time on Hank plays Portal in which I will I will, I promise you, defeat this last portal chamber. Goodbye.