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Jane comes home.

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Lizzie: Jane's home. I called and told her about everything. I had to. And I guess I'm hoping that together we can find some way to try to fix this whole mess but right now the website is still up, the countdown is still going. I'm not sure what to do.

My name is Lizzie Bennet and I don't know if we can stop this.

[intro plays]

Lizzie: I am sure a lot of you are wondering why I posted that last video with Lydia . . . with what happened. I'd have asked Lydia but she won't so much as look at anyone since she found out about the website. So I posted that to show you, in case there was any doubt, that my sister had nothing to do with putting that on the internet. She's not making money from it, this was done without her consent. And to show you just how this whole thing is affecting my sister. 

Please don't subscribe to that website. Please don't give that man what he wants and helping humiliate my sister. Just please, think about what you saw and stay far, far away from it.

[door knock]

Jane: Lizzie, it's me.

Lizzie: Come in.

Jane: So, Dad called. His meeting with his PI friend from college didn't really go anywhere. He at least is gonna be home soon. 

Lizzie: Right, so Dad knows about the videos, the website, everything. He was really concerned about why everyone suddenly came home and my capacity for keeping secrets was kind of full. How's he doing?

Jane: As well as can be expected. 

Lizzie: Have you talked to Mom today? 

Jane: Yeah. She still has no idea. I heard her telling Dad earlier how beautiful Lydia and George's future children would be. He managed to smile and nod.

Lizzie: Oh God, this is all just too much. I've never seen Dad look so . . . defeated as when I had to tell him what happened. Like he had failed his family. 

Jane: It's not your job to protect him. 

Lizzie: Yeah, well it was my job to protect Lydia. Messed that up!

Jane: Stop it. This isn't your fault. 

Lizzie: Isn't it? I brought George into our lives.

Jane: That doesn't make you responsible for anything he's done. He made his choices, his choices hurt people. That's on him.

Lizzie: Yeah, but if I had just watched her videos or talked to her. 

Jane: There's nothing you can do about the past. You can sit here forever running what-ifs and feelings guilty but you'll drown. I've been there.

Lizzie: Yeah, but . . .

Jane: Hey, stop. 

Lizzie: I didn't think you were supposed to get smarter when you moved to L.A. When do you have to go back, anyways? Doesn't Fashion Week start like tomorrow?

Jane: Oh, that's not important.

Lizzie: Jane . . .

Jane: Don't worry about it. 

Lizzie: Jane, what happened?

Jane: My boss told me that if I left, there wouldn't be a job waiting for me when I got back. 

Lizzie: Oh God, Jane.

Jane: No.

Lizzie: You love that job.

Jane: It's just a job. I'll find another one. Right now I need to be here.

Lizzie: A lot of good being here does when Lydia won't even talk to us. There's not really anything we can do. 

Jane: It's not about doing anything. It's just about being here and her knowing that she does not have to go through any of this alone. 

Lizzie: I'm glad you're here. She always listens to you. I doubt she'll want anything to do with me. Not that I would have the slightest clue what to say to her. Everything I do just makes things worse. 

Jane: Lizzie, have you watched her videos? 

Lizzie: I tried but it's really hard to see her with George and I've been working to find a way to get this stupid site taken down.

Jane: Maybe you should watch all her videos. Lydia listens to you, to both of us. But sometimes I think that we forget to listen to her. You two have always been so alike.

Lizzie: What world are you living in?

Jane: One where I have two wonderful stubborn sisters who spend more time talking to thousands of people they've never met than to each other. 

[outro plays]