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TIMECODE (Thanks to Jack Williams for doing this!)
1:59 - As someone who wears glasses, should I consider laser eye surgery if I work 12 hours a day in front of a computer?
2:58 - Does Bandaid help you heal faster?
5:12 - How do you feel about off-label prescriptions? Any relevant evidence?
7:50 - Scrubs vs business attire with a lab coat, what do you think non surgical doctors should wear? What did you wear while practicing?
10:20 - How effective is Tamiflu at treating and preventing influenza? I have heard scandals involving [the] company in the past and I wonder if it would be classified in the same category as Airborn at treating and preventing illness.
13:52 - Is it true that OB's in the US seem to overuse interventions beyond what evidence calls for?
16:30 - Diet is the key to weight loss, what food have low calories and will keep me full and functional the longest? Basically, how do I reduce calories without feeling hungry?
18:59 - I'm a UK medical student. I was wondering if you had any thoughts in the new contract our government wants to impose on junior doctors. Yesterday the juniors went on strike to protest against it.
20:24 - Teething tablets, baby Orajel, & infants Tylenol; do you recommend any of these for a 6-9 month old teething baby?
21:26 - How should we dispose of unneeded/expired medications?
22:59 - Why are women more likely to get STIs? What are some ways to prevent it?
24:38 - Are quail eggs better for health than chicken eggs?
25:20 - I'm going to Hawaii for my honeymoon. My fiancee wants us to do a session in a tanning bed to get a base tan. Bad idea?
26:47 - I've asked before about risks of lowered sperm count from laptops. My parents are now concerned about other mobile devices, like phones and tablets connected to chargers. Is there an actual risk here?
28:01 - Do you agree with the CDC's plan to eliminate Hep B with immunizing infants or do you think about how low-risk the disease is for infants and the high aluminum it should be spaced out?
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