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A playlist of the best videos of the day.
Hank: Hello! I'm on the eyesight camera. Which is obviously not ideal. But, but it's much more complicated to do stuff with this camera, so I'm just gonna stick it straight into the computer here. 

I watch YouTube videos a lot; it's one of my primary means of entertaining myself, uh and- and also distracting myself from all the crap that I have to do. And I imagine that you do too. I'm just guessing, since you're watching this on my alternative channel that, like, a thousand people are subscribed to, that you also watch YouTube videos frequently. And I find a lot of good stuff, and I have a desire to share it, you know?

So I had this idea a few days ago that, when I was watching videos, that I would put them in a playlist, and then I would share the playlist and say: "Here are the videos that I watched today that I really enjoyed." Because obviously there are a lot of videos that I watched today that I didn't really enjoy, but some of them I did.

So I did that today, and the ones that got in it were, um, Craig's, Wheezywaiter's, new video - because I watch his video every single week day and always love it, so he will always probably be in the playlist (laughs).
...MysteryGuitarMan's new video - every time MysteryGuitarMan puts out a new video, I-I almost invariably enjoy that as well, so uh... Joe is amazing and he did a-a loop video with a YouTuber whose name I have forgotten, but I've seen many of his videos before.
...I also included Washington, the classic song/short thing that is, uh, hilarious-er than anything that, I think, has ever been put on YouTube ever.
...I included a video from (coughs)... I included a video from Bill TV Macon - who is one of my favorite, completely undiscovered YouTubers, uh, who I talk about all the time, but nobody ever subscribes to him. Uh, he did a video where he talks about, uh, going to the opening of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and R.E.M. is there, Little Richard is there, and the B52s are there, and he's hanging out with all of them, so that's all very fascinating. And he intersperses it with video footage from him on the radio back in, like, maybe the '80s, it seems like to me... uh, which is fascinating. He was on the radio for a long time. 30 years in broadcast radio.
...the next one is Community Channels, uh, "It's Warm." This video is about being disturbed by things when they are warm, uh, like chair seats and money when people hand you change, and it's like, "Ewww, you got your energy into it."
...and the next one after that is "The State of the Internet," which is a graphical, sort of kinetic typography version, uh, that will tell you a bunch of fascinating facts about the internet and what is going on right now with it.
...and the last one, of course, is Charlie's Truth or Fail on video games. Which you've probably seen already, but if you haven't, check it out, because Charlie is hilarious. I can't believe this guy, uh, is so likeable, and, and, uh, so... uh, giving with his time, and so he just wanted to do another Truth or Fail, and he did it all by himself. I didn't even really ask him or write any of the questions. He did it all by himself. I think that he's just fundamentally a really good guy and also really talented, so that's what we need - that's what we need, we need people like that.

So those are the - my video picks of the week, or the day, and, uh, you can watch the playlist over in the playlist window right beside me. So that's me. 

Uh, oh, I'm curious about what people think about this idea? Leave a comment if you tell me - if you think that it's an interesting idea, um, (sniffs) I might even do a little video like this every day, talking about why I'm interested in the videos that I picked, um, and why you should watch them. But I'm curious. I'm just, uh... this is a new idea, and I hope that people will be, you know, receptive to it and enjoy it. And-and frankly, I always feel like, uh, it's kind of sometimes hard to find really good, enjoyable videos on YouTube, um, because there's so much clutter around. Not because there aren't good videos, but because it's just... full. Very full. 

So that is all for the day, uh, I'm Hank Green, and that was my playlist.