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Hi. Contact Danaher and let them know you won't stand for price-gouging:, since investors are their priority.
You can also call Cepheid: +1-888-838-3222
Get email and phone templates:
AND SWARM THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA with the hashtag #peopleoverprofits.
Join John Green as he moderates a discussion on tuberculosis diagnostics and treatment. We're discussing Danaher's price-gouging for tuberculosis tests, the importance of universal access to bedaquiline, and so much more with some of John's heroes--including Nandita Venkatesan, Phumeza Tusile, and Dr. Animesh Sinha. Thanks to Doctors without Borders ( and Partners in Health ( for making this event possible. Learn more about our community's fight for accessible diagnostics and treatment at

And keep up with the access campaign here
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