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We’re one month into 100 Days! We catch up with Josh Sundquist, who shares an acronym he uses in his mental health routine, tells us about his history with fitness, and offers some advice on how to stay motivated during this project.

Many thanks to Diane Phan for additional footage.

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John: Hi, I'm John Green and for those of you who are just joining us on this channel, basically for 100 days my best friend Chris and I are attempting to make our lives healthier in every way; we're doing that by exercising and eating well, and I'm also meditating, which I hate.  Now these type of life changes don't always go according to plan.  At this point we're about 30 days in and I'm realizing that this stuff can be very hard, especially the meditating, did I already mention that I don't love that?  Anyway, if you've ever found it difficult to make sustainable change in your life, maybe you can relate.  It's been about a month since we all wrote our New Years resolutions, and according to research from 2002, about 64 percent of people continue to abide by those after 3 to 4 weeks, so 36 percent of us need a motivation boost.

And that's what we're here for today.  So before we started this 100 Days project I got some advice from my marathon running friend Craig Benzine, and now it seems like a good time to check in with another friend who has an inspiring physical and mental journey, Josh Sundquist.

Josh: I was really active growing up, I played a lot of soccer, I played little league baseball for a little while but soccer what like my main, kind of sport.  And then, I was diagnosed with cancer whn I was nine years old and I lost my leg, and so there was a time where I was kind of looking for new sports to play that I could still do with one leg.

So while I was still on chemotherapy, I had the opportunity to go with my rehab hospital to the local ski resort in Virginia where I grew up to learn how to ski; and I immediately like, grabbed on to skiing because it was kind of a thing that I could do with one leg.  In fact, I could go as fast down the mountain on one leg as anyone else could on two legs.  Then I got really serious about that and wanted to go to the Paralympics, that became my goal and I started training in a very serious way, I actually graduated high school a semester early so I could move out to Colorado and train full time in Winter Park.  I was just like barely good enough to be named to the U.S. Paralypic ski team, like it was literally they took the top twenty people and I was like number 20.