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So in this video I struggle with the ethics of putting Bing in these videos under "gray" pretenses. Luckily Caroline was there to help me out with this.

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Lizzie: So I've been thinking that Charlotte and I may have to do something drastic. No, it doesn't have anything to do with my parents or Darcy. It has to do with the ethical line in these video diaries which, at this point, is pretty grey. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and I think we crossed the line with my last video.

[Intro Music]

So, in my last video, you saw the illustrious Bing Lee, but maybe our methods of capturing his illustriousness crossed some sort of ethical line.

Bing: Knock-knock. All clear?

Lizzie: Hi. Uh, how much did you hear?

Bing: Nothing. I just – oh, you're recording again. Hi, Charlotte. How's it going? Real quick, do you think Jane would like this movie?

Lizzie: Uh, Jane's afraid of zombies.

Bing: Or this one?

Lizzie: Period romance? Good call!

Bing: Thanks. I'll get this one.

Lizzie: Wait, you're going to go get her that movie?

Bing: Well, we couldn't find it online and Jane's not feeling so well, so I figured we'd just go out and buy it.

Lizzie: You're going to walk into a store and buy that movie? They might revoke your man card.

Bing: Don't tell Darcy.

Lizzie: Uh, no danger.

Bing: And, um...maybe you should hold onto this, while I'm out.

Lizzie: You never answer. Charlotte, where are you? Pick up! I think that we need to delete the last video, and part of this video, too. And I know what you're going to say. “You have to post it! It's Bing! And Jane! Together!!” I don't know. I – I feel like we're not doing the right thing here. We must be violating some code or law or religion or...I don't know, just call me. Where is that woman when I need her? Oh...Caroline!

Caroline: I think your viewers will be incredibly upset when their beloved Bing footage is suddenly gone. Forever.

Lizzie: Wow, you make it sound so dramatic. But you're okay with me keeping it?

Caroline: Why wouldn't I be?

Lizzie: We have your brother on tape without him knowing it.

Caroline: He knows he's on tape. Didn't you tell him what I told you to say?

Lizzie: Yeah, that it's for Charlotte, but that's a lie.

Caroline: is it?

Lizzie: Well, he doesn't know it's on the internet, being seen by thousands of people in addition to Charlotte. It's deceptive!

Caroline: Journalists use deception all the time to report facts, do they not?

Lizzie: They do. But what if he finds out? I mean, it'll probably go something like this.

Lizzie-as-Bing: Lizzie, I just found out you put me on the internet. Strangers now message me about my love life. One girl – at least I hope it was a girl – even offered to have my children! You didn't have the decency to tell me this might happen.

Lizzie-as-Lizzie: Uh, but – but Caroline and Charlotte thought it was a good idea!

Lizzie-as-Bing: Well, I don't know Charlotte very well, so I can't kill her, and Caroline's my sister, so she gets a pass. But I trusted you, Lizzie, and now I must harm you with my scary surgical tools.

Caroline: Okay, have you met my brother? When he sees a spider in the house, he catches it unharmed and releases it into the rose garden. He probably gives it a checkup and a lollipop before letting it go.

Lizzie: So I guess the only consequence I'm risking is if my journalism ethics professor found out I did this and got me kicked out of school, which would leave me with a mound of student loans and no way to pay them off, which isn't that much different than what my current plans are, actually, and I'll have plenty of time to think about ethics when I'm living in van, down by the river!

Caroline: Ooh, which river?

Lizzie: …Nevermind, forget it. I'm good.

Caroline: Glad to hear it, Lizzie. I'll let you finish your video.

Lizzie: I guess I'm just worried about Jane. I mean, she and Bing are so adorable together. I mean, she just has a cold and he's – he's making sure she has enough water, a down pillow, a humidifier. He even went out to get her a period romance to watch. And this! You can't argue with this!

Bing: Hey!

Lizzie: Hey!

Bing: Okay, that was creepy. Next time I'll knock, but I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to watch the movie with us.

Lizzie: Oh, uh...that was fast.

Bing: Turns out we already had the movie in our collection. Caroline's, of course.

Lizzie: Of course.

Bing: in?

Lizzie: Uh, I – I have to finish my letter to Charlotte.

Bing: Okay. Have fun!

Lizzie: Whew!