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So...this weekend was interesting. The wedding was lovely, barring some extremely unfortunate events that I will not get into right now. But Bing and Jane did, like, I mean, really hit it off, so Mom is unsurprisingly a 50 gallon barrel of pleased. Today though, I just wanted to grill Jane on the evening's events.

Also, I have to admit that Bing is actually really nice. And Jane didn't even make me write that.

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Jane: Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Lizzie: I've seen Charlotte work this thing like a thousand times. There!

Jane: I'm sure the internet's going to appreciate a close up of your boobs. I hope Dad's not watching these.

Lizzie: Ahh! Anyway, Charlotte can edit this part out before she posts it. Charlotte! Edit this out. Start it... now

Hello, internet! I should let you know that we are without the technical expertise of my dear friend Charlotte today, but pending some possible technical glitches, we should be fine. My name is Lizzie Bennet and it is business as usual after the wedding.

Jane: Lizzie, I don't think that's a very good title. 

[Intro plays] 

Jane: Where is Charlotte anyway? I started to think she was living here. 

Lizzie: Charlotte may have had a few too many vodka tonics last night, I got a pocket dial from her after the wedding and oh my god!

Charlotte: [muting Lizzie and talking over her] I just wanna take time and say that Charlotte is so smart, and amazing, and sometimes I forget how much I owe her for being the bestest friend I could ever have. 

Lizzie: she might need to sleep that one off. Speaking of the wedding, my sister Jane is here to tell us all about what happened. Say hi, Jane. 

Jane: Hi.

Lizzie: So...

Jane: So...?

Lizzie: You're really not gonna talk about this, are you? Fine.

Jane: Where are you going? No, hey, what are you doing? Don't go in my room. Why are you putting on my sweater? Oh, that's cute on you. You should wear that. What are you...?

Lizzie: [impersonating Jane] Oh. My. God. I had the most amazing night. Every guy ever wanted to dance with me, but Bing, or Bingy, as I like to call him, stole my heart. We danced together almost all night. It was like the stormy clouds of loneliness parted and his face was the sun, shining happiness down into my life. 

Jane: I would never say that.

Lizzie: You would so say that, Miss I-Heart-Rainbows-And-Puppies-And-Gosh-Isn't-Life-Grand!

Lizzie: [as Jane] Don't you think we make just the cutest couple?

Jane: Okay. 

Lizzie: What are you...?

Jane: Okay. 

Lizzie: Oh. Alright.

Jane: [as Lizzie] He is very handsome, Lizzie- Jane. Jane. But I would prefer to say something more mocking and bitter, so... yup, pretend I did that. 

Lizzie: [as Jane] Oh, Lizzie, you're so silly! But you know who else I spent a lot of time with? Bingy's sister, Caroline. She's so wonderful and clever. I wish she was my sister.

Jane: [as Lizzie] You and Bing did hit it off rather well. Maybe she will be your sister some day and be less mocking than your current sisters. 

Lizzie: [as Jane] Or maybe we'll just date for a little while, get our sexy times on, that kind of thing. 

Jane: [as Lizzie] Maybe. And maybe that will lead to something more pure and wholesome. 

Lizzie: [as Jane] Though it's not like me to speak so hastily of commitment, especially with a man that my mother picked out and practically stalked for me and my sisters. 

Jane: [as Lizzie] No, but sometimes things just happen and who knows? Maybe this is just meant to be. Darcy was there too, why don't we talk about him, Jane?

Lizzie: And we're done. 

[Outro plays]