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A weekly show where we debunk common misconceptions. However, we aren't doing that this week. Instead, enjoy some of the many goofs that happen while we make this show.

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Hey there I'm Mental Floss and welcome to Elliot Morgan.


Miscons- Miscons- Misconception.

I don't wanna intimidate the viewer.

Oh yeah, yeah toy.

Eerh welcome to depressing floss.


The government of New Zeala did- New Zeala? It's a new country. It's like New Zealand. It's a little island off the coast of Costa Rica.

Hey there (stutters) good start (coughs)

(ticking noises)

(blows bubbles)

And then sometimes the teleprompter will be like NO you're not gonna do it.

A better place to test your foundation would be- you son of a- what is this? Clay?

Did I say the wrong thing again? (man in background): Yeah you were kinda combining the two words. (Elliot): That's what I like to do you know, like half-way correct.

In 2011 the supposed thing was a teleprompter that went just a little too far off.

Misconception number 10 flame throwers are illegal- uh (laughs) sorry.

And typically you towel just by blow drying with your hand like this (blows on hands) It takes a little longer but if you sing happy birthday 40 times you should be good (blows more)

And even in California if you're caught with an unlicensed flame thrower, it is a misdemeanor (laughs) OK sorry. Alright I'm so sorry. There's something about the idea of a guy getting caught with a unlicensed flame thrower.

The American academy of teleprompter being too slow-

All you need to do is dab your nasty little brush in a full bowl- (laughs)

There's a teleprompter that I just showed you so we'll just go back.

So I'm not supposed to be washing my face with dishwashing detergent? Because I want my cheeks to sparkle. I want my cheeks to sparkle!

The more you know.


Gaarhhg (man in background): That's the way. (Elliot): So close.

That was, like, a sentence that just sorta fell out of my mouth and wasn't really truly spoken

Nero played the fidderol- The fidderol. What? Fidderol sounds awesome.

And sub lingual imunotherapy- oh wow I almost got through that.

The ancient serpet. Serpet? He serps it! He serps it.

Elliot, that's not what the word is.

Yeah I was like (gibberish)


What if I can't get through this. (man in background): Oh god (Elliot): Shut down here. (man in background): I'm gonna take over then. (Elliot): (laughs) Yeah. Thanks Rodge!

This is gonna be the best misconception.

If someone tries telling you that you have an Oedipus complex or Lecter complex I'd get a second opinion (laughs)


(more noises)


There's up- mm nope not the word.

(yet more noises)

Yep this is a great one to end.

Somebody is leaving for lunch. Which is good for them. I wonder where they're gonna go. There's a nice taco place down the street, you guys didn't know that. I mean you guys did.