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Happy New Year Y'all
Welcome to 2013... that was just... being a real dork, and searching for the New Year's on my tumblr dash. That's... yup. That's what I was doing. Uh... so welcome to 2013, if it's 2013 where you are; if it's not, hold on a couple hours, it will be soon. It's officially 2013 on the West Coast in America - I'm actually not on the West Coast, but... I might as well be, considering how I live my life... and, uh, so yeah, 2013. 2012 was a good year, you guys; you know, it's all arbitrary; it's all defined by the amount of time that the Earth happens to take to revolve around the Sun, which is a long time. Could be a lot less, uh, could be a lot more... uh, I wish that I knew offhand, uh, which planets took longer and shorter, although I'm pretty sure that the ones closer in are the ones that take shorter, and the ones further out are the ones that take longer. I know Mars is roughly double. I think. Anyway... uh, many amazing things happened this year; it'll be a hard one to top - the Project for Awesome went to four hundred to five hundred thousand dollars, the Vidcon went to like... 7000 people, Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Crash Course and SciShow, we made all of those things, and we got... our, like, our, we filmed our 1000th video on vlogbrothers; that's nuts. Um, we did a lot of cool things, uh, here on the YouTubes with people, with the people who watch and enjoy and participate with our content. And that was fantastic, and I d... I imagine that 2013 will be just as good, or better, because that has been the trajectory of this thing, and... I know that that's sort of jinxing it... but, um, but I'm just... I'm really enthusiastic about how things are going right now. So thank you all for, uh, being with us for 2012 and for being with us in 2013, and I hope that you all had a wonderful 2012 and I hope you will all have a wonderful 2013; we will continue to be... continue to do cool things together, and this gif... I'm seeing it out of the corner of my eye right now... is still freaking my eyes out, so I got to go. 'Cause it's freaking me out. 2013! Yeah.