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Neverending Nightmares, Part 6: Today Hank Green finds himself finding his dead Sister/Wife/Doctor EVERYWHERE!
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to Games with Hank, I'm Hank, this is Games with me! Hank. Today we're going to be playing Neverending Nightmares, and I'll be honest with you, I kind of hope it's the last time. Cuz it's super freaky. But it's also, like, a legitimately amazing experience, I am loving and enjoying it, so we're going to dive in. (0:17)

I didn't record the first part of this, because I forgot to push the record button, so you've missed a little bit. There was a blinky baby... uh, and mostly my house is just much nicer when, uh, when there's not rotting things all over the place. (0:32)

Oh, Gaby. Oh, Gaby. Well, you just stay there... I'm sorry.... you make me very sad. Also, mostly uncomfortable. No offense. Hi again, Gaby. Good to see you a second time... I assume there will be a third. Oh, yep, there it is. Right in my way. Can't ignore it this time. Oh... I can just walk around you? I'll just walk around you, OK. Well... there will definitely be a fourth.

That is a scary -- that's a scary tree hand. Almost certainly going to grab me and kill me. Almost certainly... going to grab me and kill me.... almost certainly... or not, I guess? Not going to grab me and kill me? OK. That was a surprise. I was pretty sure -- I was almost certain I was going to get impaled on some tree-fingers, just then. Lots of dead Gabys, and some tree fingers, and now we're going into a dark cave. Cuz... why not? (1:27)

Oh, we're back at the house. The house... back in the house. That's... not normal. Let's go in here. (Door squeaks loudly). (1:34)
Oh.. You again. Blinky! Hi Blinky, how's it goin'? Heeey. That's bad.

That's bad. I don't like it. I don't like it. Why w- Wha- Ah. Okay. Go on. Alright. Alrighty. Let's jog a little. Get your stamina up. You gotta do more aerobics, Jeff. Oh. Ohhh. I don't like it in here. Let's not spend any time in the bird- birdcage room. Alright. Okay. Well, that was a lotta' walkin'. Hooo-aaaahhh... Our red dress maker's room with the two thin mannequins and the baby with no face. Lotsa' face problems in this game. Also, in nightmares.

(Gasping) Alright, are you okay? You okay, Jeff? (Painful noises and gasping) (Glass shattering underfoot) Ahhh! Hah! Oh, man! (Gasping) Ow, ow, ow, ow, aww, no, stop, geez, dang it! Okay. You're not still in pain? You're not - yeah, I don't like it. The crying seems to be just intermittent and without any relationship to reality. 

Uhm. Having a little bit of some jumps in this game this time, I don't know why, stuttering occasionally, but - my feet have stop bleeding! So that's good. Uhm, I guess I'm gonna go in here, just to see, what's what, what is in here. Okay. Just that guy. And a bedroom. Hey. How's it goin'?

Shhh! What is real? Is the question I have about this game. (Heavy breathing) And what is that noise? Oh! It's one of you. Why are you in the - Why are you in the house!? You're a mental asylum bad guy! What are you doin' in the house? I'm much louder here. It's okay, Pinky! ...Blinky. No, that's the little girl. That's Bloody-Eyes. It's okay, Bloody-Eyes. Okay, is there any kin- is there gonna be a giant baby now? 'Cuz we're having like, a mix of villains in this one.

Let's go on downstairs and... Fingers crossed! Nothin's gonna jump out at me and freak me out and make me spill my drink! Alright. Wha - Oh? Is the house - ? The house is gonna end again, huh? Yeah, cuz' it - cuz' you put it on a - on top of a literal graveyard. Ian Kraugh. Karen Marie Gillenbach. I wonder if these are also - these are probably also Kickstarter donors, I bet.

Cindy. Al. And Edgar Ghistein and Bob BAAALLLL!! ... That's too bad. Uhhh... Is that gonna happen again? Gonna happen again? AHHH! It is gonna happen again. Man. Oh, man. Mmm, I don't wanna look at that. That was - compound fracture. Go insi-AGH! Ya' think they're done - but they're NOT! One more! Once you think you're all finished - but you're not finished.

(Woman's laughter) Okay, blood on the scarecrow, blood on the plow. (Singing, deep and twanging) Blood on the scarecrow, blood on the plow. Okay, well, I uh, I don't know if I could have died during that bit, but maybe I could have. I don't know. If I get a - if I like - if I had been standing in a d- Hi, how's it goin'? - I don't know why I keep doing that, I just feel like you're supposed to! 'Cuz you can! And like, maybe if you look at enough of them you get an achievement or the game proceeds slightly differently.

(Door opens and shuts) Alright, creepy bathroom! With the wind. No. That was terrible. Was just a terrible joke - if you could even call it a joke. Alright. Just gonna keep on walkin'. Go through the dress maker's - Let me out of here. Seriously. Let me out of here. 

Hey, that's a nice cup of wine. (Creepy female whisper) ...Wake up... I would love to wake up, thank you for the advice. It's appreciated every time. I just keep walkin' in these rooms despite the fact that all they are is creepy - and are not any long-term help to me. Oh, there's a lot of blood on the ground. Alright, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby? Just a guess. Guessing.

(Sound of blade dragged on the ground) Oh, no, Scrapey. It's Scrapey. She's a little less scary when you can see her. But not much. Maybe - maybe more. It's unclear. I - you could see her coming. That's - that's the part that's less scary. Aw, I am so covered in sweat right now. Jesus. 

Alright, no Scrapey, no giant baby, no Blinky, no bloody-eyes. Alright, more stairs though. That's my least favorite villain because it TAKES FOREVER. Get a drink. Cheers. That would have been a really bad time for there to be a jump-scare. Just occurred to me. While I was drinking.

Oh, now it's turning into the - Oooow - turning into the asylum. (Heavy breathing) Now is there gonna be a giant baby? No? (Door opens and closes) Doctor's office? Am I gonna have another talk with Gabby? Storage room? Storage room? Check that out. Same as it was before, except possibly slightly different blood splatter.

Oh, man, that doesn't look good. Somebody got hit on - on that wall a lot. (Enormous crash) Okay, what's happening!? Oh, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby, giant baby! Oh, down the stairs - he's comin' with, he can't fit - he can't fit down the stairs! That's excellent news. (Frustrated monster breathing) You can't fit down the stairs, you're too big, giant baby! Too big. Yeah, just keep making your creepy noises, I'm gonna go on downstairs and you are never gonna have any of me for lunch. You're not gonna hug my spine out of my body ever again!

Oh, we're back in the house, back in the house, okay. Wandering around. (Singing) Wandering around! Oh, man, was that - who's that creepy noise? It's coming from the direction I'm walking in. Is that just an intestine? It looks like an intestine. Just one, though. So that's good. When does intestines become plural? You have a large and a small, but I feel like if you just like, slip like a bunch of intestines on the ground, even if it's just one person's small intestine, you would say, "intestines", not "one intestine". You probably wouldn't say intest-STYN, you'd say intestine, because you're normal. Unless you're British, possibly British people say intest-STYN, I'm just trying to distract myself from all of the intestines around, if you're wondering.

Oh, heeey, dolly. Take - ah - okay, that's just for looking at? Not for taking with you? Okay. That's weird. Ah - Blinky! Oh, the rocky horse, Rocky. Rocky, rocky horse. Blinky, Rocky, Baby, Teddy.

Juuuuust me. (Singing) I'm alone in a house and there's lots of dolls and they don't have eyes. I'm alone in a house with lots of fake eye-less dolls. And blood. And this one's got a really bad smile and it looks like a skull! And that one in the corner doesn't have a face at all. (Still singing) Now I'm in a house with intestines and blood on the walls and dolls - Oh God, Gabby's in the corner, eating Gabby's intestines, Oh my God - that's not even cool. What the frick!?

Ohh - I - that's a lot of little hands. That's a lotta little hands - I'm just gonna do a little balancing act here - hah - that's a lotta little hands. I mean, basically, there's nothing indicating that they're gonna be scary little hands - AHHHHH!!! 

COME ON! I'm gonna end this episode here, 'cuz I don't wanna play anymore! That's just - that's what's up! That's what's happening and it's what's happening, you can't complain, 'cuz it's scary, I just ca- I don't wanna do it right now. Thanks for watching! Uh, if you liked it, you can tell me that you liked it by clicking this button, it says "Like" next to it. Annnnnd - that's all, DFTBA!