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In which John enjoys some downtime in Los Santos.
Hello, my name is John Green, actually my name is Franklin, and I'm trying to play Grand Theft Auto as myself. It's been an exiting, uh, couple of days here, the main thing that happened is that Franklin changed clothes. I really feel like Franklin wasn't doing a good job of showing off his muscles. 

So - oh! - oh, it's nighttime, Meredith. A beautiful night in Los Santos. Ah, I'm angry. I don't know if - I hit the wrong button. Just trying to go for a jog. (BLEEP) Hey, no cursing. 

Ah look! Meredith, it's my car! That's weird. Why do I have a car again? Did we go backwards in this game? Oh look, I also have this motorcycle. I am now a man of many vehicles.
Is there any way I could sell this car?

Woah. Oh. I think I'm going to take my motorcycle. I, uh - do you remember when I murdered the owner of this motorcycle? For the simple crime of, uh, he had not paid his loan. I still don't feel great about that.

Is this - Am I just having fun, or is there someplace I can go to get money? Cause that seems to be the goal of this game, to be in the money business. Strangers and freaks can be found throughout San Andreas (Los Santos?) at question mark. Hmm, I'm going to go to this money location. Mmm.. Jump off, Franklin!

Oh, I'm unarmed. Great! Finally - no! noo! I want to change guns. Nope. God, I'm so good at this game, Meredith. No! I don't want to shoot anybody, I'm Franklin!

I'm just going to try to go to this money location. No! Dang it, it's hard to do it on purpose but so easy to do it by accident!
Okay. Yes. There we go. Franklin, can you just - can you jog a little bit for me? You're a slowpoke. What is this? Is it right there?