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In which John Green mispronounces words, asks if jokes are appropriate, and struggles to use the teleprompter.

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CC Kids:
3... 2... 1... Oh, hold on I gotta sneeze.

Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course---- augh, Meredith! Lack of confidence. Meredith, you feeling confident? Meredith, you gotta believe in yourself. 

This is Crash Course US Hissory and we've augh hissory? Hissory? 

Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Co--[laugsh]It's still late you gotta be early. No? Oh, it never got in. Meredith, more aggressive. 

I guess, yeah. 

Like certain Crash Coasts--- ahh, Crash Coasts.

Now that's a big-- Now that's a-- ow, sorry, sorry globe.

Tilted towards short tormed economic--- short tormed? 

Strands of conservatism-- conservatism.

Let's go to the Thought Bubble. Let's go to the Thought Bubble. Nope. Make me do it again. Alright. Let's go to the th--Let's go to the Thought Bubble [laughs] F .

The president also authorized the National Sec-- What is the NSA?

Is my diet Dr. Pepper in the shot?

I have no nuance, I'm not Shailene Woodley.

Read my l- [sighs] I had to burp.

Was a certain Crash Course US History host. I ran out of air.

Whereas if you're American arguably the most important thing this guy ever did was give - inseminate his wife? 

Oh, It's time for the open letter? No wait! That- that-- we don't do that anymore.

Ughdkshfow not my best work. The rules here are simple. 

The rules here are simple. That was pretty great. No, it was great on every level. That was fantastic!

So as far as I'm concerned I don't know what you guys are whining about. No, I can't say that, you're right. It's terrible, it's pretty brutal.

Is that funny?

And John "It's Pronounced Beynor" became the speaker of the house. Is that funny?

Is that funny?

Uhm, I don't really  have a joke there.

So it was that millions of children were exposed to a fascinating and-- I don't know, what's the joke here?

Now these days of course Dan Quayle is best known for getting in an argument with fictional television character named Dan Brown-- Dan Brown.

Reagan fired them. All of them. Nope, he didn't.

So what caused the financial fart-storm that began in 2008? Well it was a complicated-- I don't have my teleprompter so I have no idea.

Come on baby, there we go.

Stan! Let me grab the piece of paper.

Meredith! Does he have a Wikipedia article? Does he?

Stinky financial farticles [laughs] I don't think- I'm worried that they like won't be able to show it in middle schools because we are being such children about this. Alright.

Can I say that?

Generally kind of a national embarrassment. Can I say that?

The so called wireless-- I think it's warrantless wiretapping, not wireless wiretapping. 

He easily defeated John McCain, who, you know, is not a young man. Can I say that?

He turned- turned? Why do I keep saying turned?

What did I say? What's my line?

What was the line?

I'll do it again. Actually, I don't know the line.

So this episode has a lot of downers. Uh, I wanna make a joke about how like we caused the great recession in the whole world.

Meredith doesn't know who that is. [Stan says "Come on."] She doesn't. I'll bet you 1000 dollars.

Which made it easier for wemen. Wemen, Why do I always say wemen?

I was fully 23 years old when I realized that euthanasia did not mean youth in Asia.

Significant piece of social legislation. Legislation is a very hard word for me to say. 

No rational thinking person would ever think like "This is gonna end in sex!"

Which basically was a 700 dollar billion. 7000 alululullllrrrrrruuuuupabababa.

That's true, that's future Stan's problem.

Crash Course is produced and directed - oh.

Thank's for watching Crash Course and as we say in my hometown; "It's morning in America." What should I say?