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In which John and Sarah go to The Container Store and discuss fame, and end up deciding that if Lindsay Lohan is your silverback gorilla, you've got problems.


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Sarah: Look at that hair.

John: Good morning Hank, it's Sunday, and I'm going to Cincinnati. Here I am at the Container Store! That's right Hank, the Yeti and I drove 2 and a half hours to come to the Container Store to pick up stuff for our new bedroom closets.

This is why I'm old. God I love the Container Store, it can contain anything but my excitement about the Container Store. There it is Hank, our closet.

So Hank, we are now headed back from Cincinnati, with our closet in the trunk. So Hank in my video last week I talked about balloon boy, I guess his name isn't balloon boy, we should probably call him crawl space boy, and crawl space boy and about how his family wanted to be famous and my non-rhetorical question at the end of that video was "Why do people want to be famous even though there is ample evidence that being famous is kind of sucky and destructive." Most of the answers fell broadly into three categories. The first category was Fame: I want to live forever.

You know with the basic idea being that the reason people want to be famous is because it will allow them to live even after they've died. Hank, this ignores a couple of things. First off, no-one is going to live forever because there will come a time where there will be no human beings to remember that there were ever human beings who did anything.

Second off, let me submit to you that stars of reality shows, while quote un-quote 'famous', do not live on after their death in any meaningful way. Like I would propose that Lauren Conrad, who is purportedly a very famous person, is likely to live less after her death than like, a high school English teacher. Like imagine the future Hank, when Lauren Conrad is 50.

Like maybe some people who are also 50 will remember that Lauren Conrad used to be on a horribly destructive reality show. But no-one who is 30 years younger than Lauren Conrad will have any idea who she is. While your average high school teacher will teach until she is 65 teaching 15 year old kids which means when she dies when she is 85 her youngest students will be say 35, they'll go on and remember her for another 50 years.

Lauren Conrad has no chance of being remembered 50 years after she dies. So if you want to be famous because you want to be remembered, be a teacher. The second excuse people cited for wanting to be famous was that being famous allows you to get rich without working hard.

Now Hank there may be something to this but I have to say I am not convinced. First off, you do have to work hard to get famous. It is a very peculiar type of work but it's work like, do you think that UFO shaped balloon built it self?

Secondly, you don't get that rich. If Real World cast members became wealthy, how come they have to go on Real World Road Rules Challenge every year for the rest of their lives in order to support themselves? And the reason most people cited is that attention feels good and that may be, but it wasn't what I was thinking of.

So I am going to be like a teacher and even though you didn't say what I was thinking I am going to tell you what I think the answer is. Here's what I think Hank. I think we are genetically coded to seek and yearn for respect.

But I don't think it is the matter of being respected by everyone, I think it is a matter of being respected by the people whom we respect. So if the Heene family respects TMZ they want to get want to get respect from TMZ by getting attention from them. So they build an UFO balloon.

I like the word UFO. We should make that happen instead of U-F-O. An UFO balloon.

Sarah: But it's not an Unidentified flying object. It's identified. John: That's true.

So it's an IFO. I really look up to a lot of young adult writers such as Walter Dean Myers and E Lockhart and Marcus Zusak and I want to get respect from them. So Hank, to me, this is the question, who do you want respect from?

In the jungle of your life, who is your silver backed gorilla? Because if it is Ellen DeGeneres or William Shakespeare or Jay-Z you're going to be fine but if the silver backed gorilla of your jungle is Lindsay Lohan, you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. But Hank the great thing is that we get to choose who the silver backed gorilla of our jungle is going to be and that is my non-rhetorical question for the day.

Who's yours? Don't forget to be awesome and you will see me on Tuesday.