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We wanted to know how our channel has impacted our audience so we asked them! Enjoy some cute animals and some really inspiring stories. Thank you!

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Thank you to Skillshare for supporting this episode of Animal Wonders.

The first thousand people who click the link in the description can get a two-month free trial of Skillshare's Premium Membership. [CHEERY INTRO MUSIC]. Hi everyone!

I'm Jessi and this is Maui. Welcome to Animal Wonders. Thanks for joining me on this very special episode.

When we first started Animal Wonders in 2008, it was my dream come true to get to share my passion for animals with others through public presentations in my community. And then 6 years ago we started this new adventure on YouTube and I didn't know how it would go, but my hope was to basically reach a larger audience and share our knowledge but also our passion for animals. One of my all time favorite things is to hear about someone being inspired to do more for animals.

Whether they decide to do more research before getting an animal as a pet or they choose to help an injured wild animal by getting them to a rehabber. Or maybe they're going to go to school to become a vet, or they've decided they want to give an animal in their care a better diet or a new kind of enrichment. These stories are what make me so glad that we chose to go on this YouTube adventure, and it's what makes me want to continue doing it.

So, let's get to some stories! They're from you, our audience, our online community, our supporters and viewers. Thank you everyone who shared!

I read every single one of them, and I'm so grateful that you're keeping the ripples going. Tickles the hedgehog is going to help me with this first story. It comes from Elena with her beautiful python, Marvin. "You guys invigorated my passion for animal welfare.

I learn so much from your channel! I recently had the amazing privilege of getting an internship at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Many of the questions during my interview involved things I learned from your channel!

Questions about positive reinforcement training, zoonotic diseases, thriving vs. surviving, and how to keep animals in captivity happy and healthy!" Thank you for sharing, Elena, and congratulations! You're going to rock that internship! And this story comes from theamazingreader: "Animal Wonders helps me to remember and understand how unique and diverse animals are and how sharing a space with animals can be enriching no matter if it's just feeding wild birds or taking care of a house pet.

I'm almost 30 and it's still fun to learn about the amazing things animals do, in fact,. I would say it's more important now more than ever to remain curious about the world around us." I love this so much! Go team curiosity!

And now Blueberry is joining us! Now David also sent us a message, and he says: "Hey Jessi, here's my son who turns 7 on the 29th talking about y'all when he was falling asleep last night. He really loves Huckleberry because he has ataxia as well.

He is medically complex and can't get to the zoo as much as he likes, so the zoo comes to him!” Oh my gosh, this is awesome! Here's the video. "I love Animal Wonders!" David, thank you for sharing! Please tell your son that he is awesome, and I'll let Huckleberry know that he has a friend out there like him.

And also, happy 7th birthday! And this next story comes from Kim, who says: "Animal Wonders has helped me in several ways. First of all, I've learned so much about how to behave with animals, including taking it slow and learning how each individual communicates.

That leads me to the second point, which is that my cat has benefited from more enrichment and better care on my side now that I understand him better. And finally, your enthusiasm and love for animals means that your videos quite simply bring me joy. They've been my first choice when I need a little pick me up.

Thank you!!!" Ahhh! Thank you Kim! I'm so glad to hear you and your cat are happier and healthier!

And here are a few people who just found our videos helpful to watch. FerretMerch says: "I don't have much of a story but you really helped with some college assignments with your general husbandry, feeding regimes and such when researching animals in college, whilst completing an animal management course. Thank you so much, I passed with the highest marks by the way." That's awesome!

Patty says: "When my husband's depression gets bad and he rejects every idea I offer to help, I always know I can pull up your channel, show him a few videos, and he'll be okay. Any and all of the animals, plus your bounty of joy and enthusiasm, always manage to turn his frown upside-down." That's awesome! And Bearded Beyoncé says: "My two favorite Animal Wonders stars are Kemosabe and Huckleberry.

Whenever I'm overwhelmed with work, school, or life I go back to videos you've posted and within moments, I'm filled with relief and joy. It's the perfect therapy. THANK YOU for all you do for our animal friends.

I'm so glad to hear that I can help brighten your day. Now this story comes from Nathan, who says: “I followed your "parrot's first day home" video to the letter (twice) and we couldn't be happier! I recommended that video to everyone considering getting a bird.

Also, your videos inspired me to finally pursue veterinary nursing! I'm currently finishing my first year of college!” Yay! Good job Nathan on both the animal training and the schooling!!

You've got this! And now we're joined by Ophelia the opossum who is super cozy in her little bed! Oh my gosh, you're cute!

And our next story comes from Kita, and she shared this with us: "Thank you for all you do!! We live in a woodsy area and we love all of God's creation, but your channel has helped to cultivate a very deep appreciation in us for the importance of ethics and compassion when interacting with our animal friends. You have completely changed how my son views the world around and he is turning into quite the awesome little hippie child!

Best wishes!" And here's the video she shared with us! "Hello, my name is Jayden and I'm 10 years old. I have been watching your channel - I haven't even been watching your channel for a year, but they have really changed me and my personality and the way I think about animals. I also learned from you guys!

Like the recent video you guys did about bees? I never knew there were that many bees and wasps! If somebody ever wanted to have a good way of learning how to treat animals, you guys are perfect for that because you not only take care of the animals, you show how to treat them right!

So just thank you." Kita, thank you for sharing! Jayden, you are awesome! You inspire me to keep doing my best even when it's hard, so thank you!

And Ellie wrote in to share her story, too! She says: "I'm doing the prerequisite classes to get into EATM! I learned about the program from your videos!

Changed my life. Here's me doing a presentation for the Boy Scouts‬." Ellie, this is so exciting! You're going to love the EATM program!

Thank you for sharing your passion for animals with others! This next story comes from Chloe, and she says: "My name is Chloe and my husband and I have tried to set up an exotic bird rehabilitation centre in Ireland - the first here!" Awesome! "Things are small and humble right now, but your videos encourage us so much to keep going! Your teaching on their natural lifestyle has helped us to replicate this for them.

I have attached some pictures of us and the whole gang. Thank you so much for all you do! We aspire to be just like you!" Hi Chloe and Tevin!

Thank you for your kindness and your determination to do what you can and help the birds! Keep being awesome! This story comes from Maz, who says: "Hi Jessi and the whole Animal Wonders Crew!

Here's my story about how Animal Wonders helped me out. I had a pretty rough time in high school. I struggled to get good grades and I felt like I hated the process of learning things.

But every time a new Animal Wonders video came out, it reminded me that I actually love learning when it's presented with a lot of enthusiasm and love for the subject, and without judgement on the learner. (I am going into college next year and while I don't know exactly what I want to study, zoology is definitely one of the options I'm looking into!) Thank you so much for your videos! Tell the animals hello from me (my favorites are Joy, Huckleberry and Ophelia)." Thank you for sharing this, Maz! It makes me so happy to hear that you've found a way to enjoy learning.

I also struggle to learn things if I don't connect with the way the information is presented, so I feel you. Whatever you choose to do in the future, you've got my support! And now Chopsticks the Quaker parrot has joined us!

And here are some more wonderful messages from you guys! By watching Animal Wonders videos, I learned how to use positive reinforcement to train my cats. We have an even better bond than before because of what I learn!" "Animal Wonders Montana, you taught me a lot about guinea pigs and led me to do more research and eventually get 2 beautiful piggies.

Thank you so much!" "Your enrichment videos have helped us figure out better ways to entertain our cats (they're seriously weird and don't like normal cat toys), as well as giving us some new stuff to try when training them! They are happier and so are we!" "You guys have shown me that it's possible to make a difference through caring for animals and educating the public. I want to open a bird rescue when I graduate college, and you guys have helped show me that this is possible. "You helped me develop a strong trust bond with my budgies." "I used to have an off-the-charts fear of cockroaches (couldn't even say the word) but I watched your video to desensitize myself.

Now I just get disgusted by them which is a big improvement!" "I was able to train my cats to do a few tricks and some better behavior." "Kinda sad but also true... if I start to forget how my Quaker Gunny sounded I look up the videos of Chopsticks and remember and maybe cry a bit." "Positive attitude and genuine care for animals, combined with expert knowledge and ability to communicate it, makes Animal Wonders one of my go-to places for learning about animals, or even when I just need a bit of a boost to my morale." Thank you all for sharing! Now this story comes from Ville, who says: "Hey y'all, Animal Wonders was a trigger for me to start engaging in more charities. Before I saw your videos, I really didn't even know what Patreon was.

Fast forward a few years, and now I am regularly donating to 3 different content creators on Patreon, monthly contributing to a farm sanctuary, ad hoc donating to a bunch of different animal charities and sanctuaries, and adopted animals at the local zoo. All the best! Here's a picture of my adopted children!" That's Huckleberry!

This is so exciting to hear! I hope you know how much your support means to the organizations you donate to. You help us give the animals a good life.

Thank you! And Kemosabe has joined us! Hi buddy, would you like a little banana?

Want that? Yeah, get it! [COOING NOISES] There you go! Are you ready for our next story? [COOING NOISES] This one comes from Charli, who says: "Dear Jessi and team, My daughter Sasha and I just finished watching your first Tuesday upload, and the previous video.

I always wait to watch videos with her because she is 11 years old, on the autism spectrum, has anxiety and chronic migraine, and is OBSESSED with animals! Sometimes we watch Animal Wonders to help her fall asleep. I honestly do not want to imagine what our lives would be like without your channel.

I'm so grateful that you have helped teach her how to care for animals, and that you address issues like end of life decisions. In the past few years we've had to say goodbye to an ancient struggling cat (Captain VonCatt), and a blind, deaf, incontinent dog with difficult to control diabetes (Luna Bean). It's comforting to be confident in assessing the needs of your beloved animals and sharing that with your children." Great! "Animal Wonders has made managing Sasha's migraines and anxiety easier in a very real way, besides the fact I really enjoy it as well!

Much love to all, from Charli, Sasha, Indie, Everest, Steve Willow, and Ninja (the black rabbit). Here's a photo of both Sasha and Everest (her autism service dog) sitting on the couch. She always gets comments that she could ride him, and she always informs people matter of factly that it wouldn't be good for him.

It made for a fun photo and optical illusion, though!" Thanks for sharing Charli! Sasha, I like that you're already such a strong advocate for Everest's well-being and that I can help you in some small way when you need it. Now I have one more message that I'd like to share.

Would you like to hear it? [COOING NOISES] Okay! Now this comes from Danika. She wrote us a long email, and at the end she left a quote from Jane Goodall that says: "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." The choice is ours, and for me above all else, I choose to be kind.

Even when Kemosabe poops on my head or when an animal comes to us that's been injured,. I get to decide what I'm going to do next and I know that what I do makes a difference. So for all of you watching, I'm excited to see what kind of difference you make in the world.

And keep being awesome! Now, to all of you that sent me messages that didn't make it into this video, please know that your stories have been shared with the whole team, and we're teared up with so much happiness. I'm just so thankful that our videos can be a source of good for so many in a lot of different ways.

This adventure has truly grown into something I'm incredibly proud of and honestly,. I'm unbelievably inspired by all of you. Your thoughtfulness and acts of kindness fill me with joy.

So thank you for being amazing! Now many of you like to send me fan art of our animals, and I love seeing what you create! If our animals have inspired you to make your own art, and you'd like some help with that, you can head on over to Skillshare to find classes that teach you how to draw and paint animals.

Olga Bonitas, a watercolor artist, teaches a 2-part class on making watercolor animals. I know that animal eyes can be hard to draw, so it's awesome that Olga has a class to teach you the basic techniques. Skillshare is an online learning community that offers membership with meaning.

With so much to explore, real projects to create, and the support of fellow-creatives,. Skillshare empowers you to accomplish real growth. And it makes it easy with short classes that will fit into your daily routine.

A Premium Membership will give you unlimited access, so you can join the classes and communities that are just right for you. And an annual subscription to Skillshare is less than $10 a month, and if you're one of the first 1,000 people to click the link in the description, you can get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare's Premium Membership. Thanks for watching!

If you'd like to keep learning and going on animal adventures with us here at Animal Wonders, subscribe to our YouTube channel and we'll see you soon! Bye! [BOLD OUTRO MUSIC].