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There's a lot goin' on...including:
Emma Approved! The new vlog series from Pemberey Digital -

The Fault in Our Stars movie is finishing up filming and will be in theaters in America on June 6th!

Your support on Subbable has been extremely valuable to many creators, thank you -

I was on The Good Stuff ( far)

DailyGrace gave me some gin!

Equality FTW!

The Warehouse:
Good morning John. Today has to be an update - there's just too much going on. So update in 9 parts starting now.

Shooting The Fault in Our Stars movie is wrapping up and while I have really enjoyed this really unique behind-the-scenes look from the perspective of a total n00b, that is you, I'm kinda glad to have you back 'cause somebody needs to explain debt ceilings to me.

Part 2 - Subbable is doing amazingly. Wheezy Waiter's on there now, Mystery Guitar Man, C.G.P Grey, Minute Physics, Beer & Board Games, Woodworking for Mere Mortals - all you woodworking fans out there. Subbable for the last 2 months has averaged $100,000 a month paid out to partners.

3 - I've been in several recent episodes of Wheezy Waiter's 'The Good Stuff'. There's links in the description.

4 - I am headed to San Francisco - eugh doorbell. It was a package from Daily Grace, which is super weird. I haven't, I did not expect... I'm trying to open this with a staple remover. I'm just going to stab it with a pen. Oh my god, that's a really soft pen. Scissors - they were there the whole time. I wonder if its something to drink? It says "A belated gift to say thank you for a wonderful VidCon." This is amazing. Oh my god - it is a drink. It's Hendrick's! I can't believe I called it. Also, "You've Been Hazed". What a sweetheart. Anyways, as I was saying, I'm going to San Francisco for an EDU Conference at YouTube. I'm excited for good ideas and things.

DFTBA Records is going well. Here I am at The Warehouse. We're getting ready for Christmas and also the Lizzie Bennet Kickstarter which I'm sorry we haven't sent out yet. But at the moment, there's not a lot to do. We actually have a new vlog series called "The Warehouse" starring one of our Warehouse workers Matthew. He films right over here and this is the fort he built out of overstock boxes. It's called Fort Awesome. I didn't realize but this one, these are all signed. We still have lots of signed John Green posters here.

Quite a while ago, I sat here and I told you about my idea for turning a Jane Austen book into a video blog series. That thing, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, did very well - tens of millions of views, it won an Emmy. I'm excited to sit here again and tell you that we're doing it again. This time, with Jane Austen's Emma. I think that telling stories in different ways is really fascinating and we're going to continue exploring that probably in some more new different, exciting ways but you'll have to go to to watch and see what we're up to. Thank you to all of the people who loved and supported The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - I really hope that you like Emma Approved as well.

Also, John and I are helping out with the Harry Potter Alliance's Equality For The Win Indiegogo Campaign. There are a bunch of really great perks - there's an excerpt from The Price of Dawn, the fictional novel from The Fault In our Stars, written by John; I wrote a Harry Potter fanfic called 'The Womb of Requirement' which is like an origin story for the Room of Requirement. Its going to be read into an audio book like thing by Evanna Lynch. It will be available for not very much longer - midnight Pacific Time Saturday.

So yes there's a lot going to be on and to be honest I'm a little frazzled. A lot going to be on? Yep. I take on maybe a couple more responsibilities than I should occasionally but I feel like I have like responsibility to the world and to you John and to Nerdfighteria and I, you know, I really appreciate that I have opportunities to do all these cool things and how can you say no? And then sometimes you just get somebody being really nice and sending you gin... ahhh Grace. More like Daily Dis-Grace! Hahaha.

So yeah, lots of stuff going on and if you're having a hard time following it, we are on whatever social network you prefer. Newly, Google+. I talked about a lot of things in this video - there's links to all of them in the description.

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

Katherine just got back from the Dentist. How's your face?

Katherine: What face? Map. Maap. Moop. Maop.

Hank: You wanna go watch a show?

Katherine: I'm gonna eat some mash potatoes.

Hank: Okay.

Katherine: Po-ta-toes. Po-ta-toes.

Both: *laughter*