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This week's questions:
2:01 ​As a doctor and health services researcher, how do you feel about the show "13 Reasons Why?" Does it stimulate needed conversation on teen suicide and harassment or does it send the wrong message?
5:21 What age is old enough to drink some caffeine? My 2 year old has been drinking my decaf iced coffee (black) for about a year now. I recently switched to caffeinated and he still wants it.
6:35 Thoughts on Trump's roll back on nutrition legislation (school lunches, calorie counts on menus)?
7:46 How deterministic are you when making diagnoses or treatment recommendations? Is there a point when instinct or emotion play a role, or is it numbers all the way down?
9:49 The Win 10 Creators update is adding Night Light, a future that shifts the screen's color balance to the red end at night in order to lessen the impact of blue light on the user's sleep cycle. This brings up the question, how much research is out there on blue light exposure and sleep and does it support the reduction of blue light at night as a way to meaningfully improve sleep?
10:47 What will the world of health care and insurance look like in a few months? Should I start crying now?
12:15 Should doctors be allowed to go on strike?
13:02 Disk herniation reversible? What therapy would you recommend?
13:35 The AHCA: what does it do about employer-based coverage? Will out-of-pocket limits & lifetime maximums be eliminated? Other changes?
15:00 What would you recommend for someone who is looking for birth control options that don't contribute to estrogen in water? Is estrogen in water a real problem or just fake news?
15:55 As a pediatrician and a parent, how do you feel about co-sleeping?
17:40 My friend just found out she's pregnant and believes it's fine to smoke because her child is "still the size of a poppy seed". Do you know of any literature she should look into regarding this? I'm very concerned for her child because she's limited her smoking to 3 cigarettes per day during her entire pregnancy.
19:00 Aren't there some rare non-terminal disorders (like certain spondyloarthropathies) where long-term opioids have been shown more effective? Are you worried reform will make life hard for such patients?
20:29 ​Ginger ale was often given to me to treat an upset stomach as a kid, does this have any research behind it?
20:21 Super Bugs vs Anti-biotics declining effectiveness....real or over blown? And is the drug process hindering response?
22:45 Why is spermicide not talked about as much as birth control, auxillary or otherwise, is there some data that I'm not aware of that indicates spermicides perform worse than other method?
23:56 What do you tell parents considering non evidence-based treatments for their children if there's no obvious harm? Do you worry about hurting the relationship with the family if you advise against it?
24:55 ​what are the risks/benefits of heb b and heb a vaccines for infants? is it really necessary immediately after birth? (heb b) if mom is negative that is
25:41 I've found so much compelling evidence for a plant based whole foods diet (aka, a vegan diet with no junk), going back decades. Do you find it convincing, promising, over-hyped?
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