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Emma Approved is a modernized adaptation of Emma, a novel by Jane Austen. It is a Pemberley Digital Project, a company founded by Hank Green and Bernie Su.
Emma Approved is developed by Bernie Su.

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Harriet Smith - Dayeanne Hutton -

Executive Producer - Bernie Su -
Executive Producer - Hank Green -
Producer - Jenni Powell -
Co-Producer - Kate Rorick -
Consulting Producer - Tracy Wilcoxen -
Director - Bernie Su -
Writer - Kate Rorick -
Writer - Angelique Hanus -
Cinematography - Raphe Wolfgang -
Production Manager - Brit Weisman -
Editor - Sam Mollo -
Transmedia Producer - Alexandra Edwards -
Transmedia Editor - Angelique Hanus -
Production Designer - Katie Moest -
Art Direction - Adam Levermore -
Stylist - Jessica Snyder -
Makeup - Jennifer Jackson
Sound Mixer/Boom - Geoff Allison
Key Grip - Adrian Pacheco -
Gaffer - Tristan Starr
Post Production Coordinator - Chris Kwon -
Social Media Manager- Christina Cooper -
Harriet Smith: Hello Miss Emma Woodhouse! My name is Harriet Smith and I'm a recent college graduate looking for my first full time job and I'd really like that job to be for you. Since I already submitted my resume for the assistant position, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about what's not on that paper.

I love your commitment to bettering the world! I feel the same way! That's why I've been a volunteer my entire life. When I was seven I donated all my lunch money to a pet shelter. It took my mum ages to figure out why I was always so hungry. In high school I organized a festival for people with seasonal affective disorder. And in college I coached a lacrosse team for the blind... which might not have been the best idea come to think of it. But doing good in the world is part of my lifestyle philosophy!

I am also a crack researcher! Need to know something? I can find it! Oh! And whatever I read sort of stays in my brain. Who's the renaissance artist that created a color of red that became synonymous with his name? Titian! What wide receiver hold the single season touchdown record? Randy Moss! How do you spell Amygdala? A-M-Y-G-D-A-L-A! I don't know why I know this stuff, but it'll come in handy sometime, so you'll be glad you have me around!
Last but not least I am an excellent multi-tasker. I can run to the post office while ordering you organic lunch, confirming your latest order online and charging your electric car! And I learn fast on the job. For example I taught myself editing and graphics while making this video. Not bad right?

I admire the Emma Approved brand and lifestyle guidance you give so much! You really are making the world a better place. And I want to help. So I look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully!

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