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In which Hank updates you on the PROJECT FOR AWESSOOOOME!
Hello, this is Hank Green with a little update on how the Project for Awesome is going and it is going fantastically; I don't know if you've been paying attention, but if you have you already know we have raised over $160,000 via the IndieGoGo. And let me look at right now and check and see, this is the tumblr page, that doesn't help me, but if you aren't following you should be. We have raised in total over $237,000, 292,000 comments on Project for Awesome videos, and over 700 Project for Awesome videos submitted at Now John is giving a penny for every comment, so that's like $3,000 of comments, people, so if you're not participating in the live stream go to and there will be a link to how to get into that live stream. I'm not entirely sure at the moment, but I just wanted to sorta give you a quick rundown of what we've got as far as perks. Now they're coming and going pretty fast 'cause what we'll have is we'll have like you know five or ten or fifty or a hundred things to you know have as perks and then they will sell out. For example The Fault in Our Stars level where John inscribes a copy of The Fault in Our Stars for you, that just recently sold out as well as Nerdfighter necklaces made by Danica one of the Crash Course, the people who work on Crash Course. John Green's ebook, this has two, it's not really an ebook. It has two stories that have never been seen before: 1,800 of those claimed. 98 of 100 WheezyWaiter Christmas cards claimed, in fact I think we're gonna bump that up to 200 because I just, I think Craig and Chyna are willing to do more, which I really appreciate from those guys. Over 1,000 Men of YouTube charity calendars. Now this, if you haven't heard about this, it's literally a Men of YouTube charity calendar. In fact, I think I have one right here. This is actually a draft. This is not the final version, but here it is. It's the Men of YouTube charity calendar. There's my page. I'm in a toga with John. Of course we are, because it's March and March is the most toga month. Um, there's a, we've just added a CrashCourse Biology level, as well as a SciShow level and those feature props that were used in CrashCourse Biology and SciShow. I was just at the offices gathering stuff together because there's been so much interest in this that we keep running out of things to give and so we have to keep giving. We've sold 9 of 10 of the top level we have, which is $1,000 level: your own Vlogbrothers video, where you get to decide and we make a Vlogbrothers video for you. Put it on the Vlogbrothers channel, unlisted, and you can choose whether or not you would like to share it or it can just be for you. Now we have had a ton of amazing creatists come in and add things to this level including WheezyWaiter and Felicia Day and Annoying Orange's creator Dane Boedigheimer and um we also had ooohh we started out with a mystery guitar man perk that sold out immediately. I guess we should have priced it higher. But things are going fantastic. Oh. Wow! We just sold out actually. Just now, I was being updated, we've just sold out of the your own Vlogbrothers video levels. So there are no more of those. $10,000 just to make me make a video. I'm totally down with that. John and I will split those down the middle, I'm sure. So thank you very much, everyone for participating and there will be new things going live on the IndieGoGo page. There are some exciting things that we have in store for you. Man, I just wanted to make this video real quick as an update to how amazing things are going. Thank you all so much. While I was recording this, we went from $165,000 to $166,000. So that's how fast things are going and it's been really, really wonderful. This is the biggest projectforawesome ever and, you know, it's far from being over. So thank you all for participating and don' I was just getting to the screen where I could push the stop button. DFTBA!