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We'll be back next week with another Misconceptions episode!

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A botanist will tell you that tomatoes fall into the category of fruit, but most dhmmmhmhmmhm.

(Theme song)

Misconception number... truck!

Your cat might not be lactose-intolerant, but most veterinarians still suggest that you don't give your cat a Harley-Davidson for your birthday.

This shot's a little off!
The microphone's not connected to the camera!

Mark, do I really have to talk about this? Cuz... it's.... kind of more like a, like an outlander's rumor than a misco - OK. Fine.

The direction of water isn't going down a drain isn't different because of words.

There's room for a stalker joke, but I'm not going to make it.
We gotta make a boy band joke.

What is that?

Tiffany says I say ahvacodo.

Do fish sink when they die? The plastic ones do.

If you have a car painted with color-changing luminescent paint, you should be pulled over for lacking taste. This is a mean...

It's OK to have a cat, or pet, or cat, or what? Or pet a cat.

Misconception number - ooh.

Take that, bacteria! (Weird puffing noises) Do you want a clean one without a seizure at the end?

Misconception number ten! Oop. Drool on yourself.

By a study done in the U.S. found that 42% of Americans believe that a second hit on the head could help someone with amnesia regains - that just cracks me up hold on let's take that one again.
Like, half the people were like "No, you just hit 'em again."

And let's bring it on back!

If you guys did do bloopers you show me talking to my... ok. Crotched it out. Not today!  This is important!

Excuse me.
Still pardon.
There's a lot of food.
A lot of misconceptions.

Thousands panicked when they heard the wooooorlds of the raze...lzs.

(Weird mouth noises)

They also generally largely differ from fruits in that they're disgusting. Come at me, mater lovers.

Speaking of fish, mischconception - fishconception! That's totally it. Totally different thing.

That's it, thanks for watching... again twice. I just want you to be soo ... I'm so thankful so...

We're good? We're done.

(Theme song plays)