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I know this is complicated, and I know that it's extraordinarily nerdy, but it's the thing that I wanted to do at 5:00 in the afternoon on a Monday and you can't take that away from me.
I'm not gonna be making a video that is the last two lines of every scene in game of thrones again.
I just don't have time for that it was great fun to make but it was a hugely time consuming process. And also we got last episode a weird bottle episode with some montages. So it would be really hard to do anyway.
What i do want to do is talk about who the true, actual heir, to the iron throne actually is.
And my friends, its not simple! And anyone who tells you different, included yours truly in the past, is wrong.

So, first thing we're gonna discount is that any Baratheon heir has a claim to the iron throne. Because Baratheon heirs only have a claim to the iron throne because of Robert and him over throwing the Targaryans and if we're going to say that then we might as well say that the Lannistairs overthrowing the Baratheons also have a claim to the iron throne, and we're just not going to go there.

Ultimately what this is about, and you'll here people say that this doesn't matter, all that matters is that you got the biggest dragons and you got the biggest armies. Is yes, that is actually the case, for clarity kings rule by right of strength, but they also rule, ultimately like the people being ruled agreeing that the system is correct.

And in this situation we're going to be discussing now we are talking about the people of Westeros and what story is going to sell them on a king or queen most effectively. We are saying that things have not gone well since the Targaryans have gone out of style. And that since then there has always been a Targaryan who is actually the monarch somewhere on Westeros or Essos, uh, somewhere on the land, the planet that doesn't have a name. Because they don't even know for sure, i don't know, I'm not totally clear on the science of Westeros.

Uh, that so, and so there is some Targaryan somewhere who is the monarch, and has been the whole time. Now, this can be taken in several different ways, and it ends in there being several different well maybe just two, potential monarchs. So, the way that, way number 1 if you take direct line of succession. Then you have the Mad King who was king when Robert came in, and everyone got killed, Jaimie killed him. Then you have his first born son that is Rheagar, and then Rheagar would be the one who inherits the throne. And so he was the heir, and then from there it passes to his child, it does not pass to his brother or sister, it passes to his child. The thing is that both of Rhegars children were killed, but were they? No, they weren't because Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryan, and is the child of Rhegar and Lyanna stark and they were married and his other marriage didn't count. Was annulled, or he just put her to the side, or whatever you can do on Westeros its part of the rules. 

And so, direct line you have Mad King, Rhegar, Aegon (Jon Snow), that is the inheritance so that's the simple thing you can say.

The more complicated reality of this situation, is that Visery's was crowned king. This is Daenerys's brother, and this happened when no one knew that Aegon Targaryan existed. People did not know that Jon Snow was a Targaryan and so Visery's was crowned, in my opinion, and I, this is what i'm realizing that Daenerys is right about this. That, not just my opinion, according to the rules of Targaryan succession, I know that this is very nerdy, but i'm allowed to be into what i'm into. According to the rules of Targaryan succession, it does not matter what the actual, what the rules are. So i  like rules, and then there are the other rules whatever the king does that's it, whatever happens happens. And if Visery's was crowned king, which he was, if that's a legitimate crowning (weird noises), then you can absolutely say that Daenery's would then be the next in line. Because one, as far as we knew she was the only Targaryan left, and two, she is his sister. And it would not go, i'm gonna get there don't worry people who are about to get mad at me and it would not go to her nephew it would go to her sibling. Except, that for the last 180 yeas or so Targaryan succession rules have gone to the male heir first. And so it would be the oldest male heir, Jon Snow would be the oldest male heir. And so even in this situation where we are considering Visery's crowning as he was actually king of Westero's even though he wasn't in Westeros even though nobody was treating him like the king of Westeros. If that crowning took place and then Daenerys inherited the crown from him, she would be the queen. Except for this thing where any male heir would reign out, would win out over her, would reign out. 

Now, so we've got these two different situations, and in both, so in my situation im like Visery's doesn't count. It goes, lets just do the natural thing and lets not, lets pretend that this other crowning didn't happen. Cause that's too confusing, Let's just follow the line of succession and say all this business over here that happened in Essos I don't care. Its just we're going from the Mad King, to Rhegar, to Jon Snow, it's first born to first born. Well not first born, but last living child of Rhegar Targaryan. But, except, and this is the last except, Jon Snow did take a vow of the Night Watch and that does say you are not allowed to have any lordship, any kingship, any any thing. Or else the Tarygaryan that was on the wall would have been the king cause he was a male heir after Visery's died. Thats the whole point, that's why, that's why like being on the wall means you cant, you cannot have a title conferred upon you again.

That is the point of taking the Black, Jon Snow did that, he took that vow. Now of course he broke that vow, immediately, in like a thirteen different ways. But you could say that Jon Snow cannot become the king of Westeros because throughout his whole, ah there is another except isn't there, because throughout the rest of his days he was not allowed to take a title. 

Except that he did die, so there is that. Maybe that washes the slate clean. Does it wash the slate clean? Thats gonna be up to them to decide.

So basically what we're finding is that we have done a masterful job of setting this up as complicated and unclear. But, in this episode when Daenery's put that accent, in episode 2, when Daenerys put that accent on male heir, and I got mad about it on twitter. And also I got mad about it earlier on my last video, before she even said that. Because i've always seen this as a direct line of succession thing, but there is a Targaryan rule that it should go to the male, to men first, even though that hasn't been a thing for their entire line. But it has been for the last 180 years or so then like yes, it does matter what his gender is, which is bs. Though i will say, there have been lots of times where this, women have had claims to the iron throne, despite the fact they that there were other male Targaryan's alive.

So like, its set up to be messy, uh, and ultimately in the past its been what the king said it was gonna be. But in this case, there is no king saying what its gonna be, cause as far as anybody can tell Cersei Lannister is the Queen of Westeros.

Like no, obviously not, its Dany and lets lets just live with that reality. And its not like, the Targaryans have never co-ruled before. They did it all the time, and they did it mostly with brother and sister who also happened to be married. Cause that's cool, no worries about that, everybody's all upset about Jon and Dani being cousins. And i'm like c'mon its Targaryans your looking at a brother and sister. Like, Charles Darwin married his cousin, its not that weird historically to marry your cousin, now i'm not saying that this is something i'm in favor of. Please don't not take me out of context and say i'm like pro-cousin marriage, I'm not. I'm just i that historically its not the weird, especially in Game of Thrones land, and in Targaryan land it's not that weird to have people who are related to each other doing the deeding. But, uh, but ultimately I wouldn't be surprised if we're set up for a co-ruler ship here, because I think that they'd be a good co-ruler ship. Like, it makes sense you got like Dani who is very experienced at being a queen, and Jon who is very good at being like thoughtful and careful and like, like ultimately, like, working really hard to try and figure out what the right thing to do is in any given moment. I think that that's a good set up, and if Sansa wants to come in as well, absolutely! Three way ruler ship, I...