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Brush-tailed bettongs are a critically endangered marsupial from Australia. Animal Wonders has a breeding pair that has successfully raised the joeys you see in the video. We've sent our joeys onto other amazing animal facilities with the intent of spreading awareness and education about bettongs and creating a thriving captive population in the United States. We hope for a successful reintroduction of bettongs into their wild habitat and we want to help in any way we can!

If you want to learn more about our Bettong Joey Project here's a link to the video:

Plans are in the works for Dundee (the larger bettong in the video) to be joining Busch Gardens in Virginia in their new breeding program. Fingers crossed it all works out!

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Hey guys, we're here at Animal Wonders and it's night time so we decided to play with some night time animals.    Um, this is, these are brush-tailed bettongs and Patagonian Cavy, peeking over the top there. [Laughs]    But, uh, this is Dundee and we talked about him a little bit in, err, Bettong Joey Project. You can see him when he's just a little baby.   And this is Bettong Joey number five, 'Little Bit' for now, we don't have a name yet.    Dundee and his little sister are over there hanging out in the corner. These guys are pretty good buds. They hang out together. Dundee is showing his little sister all the ropes. When we first introduced these two Little Bit, err, kept trying to find Dundee's pouch and was unsuccessful. [Laughs] Males don't have pouches.   Dundee here, he's five months out of his pouch and he's eating a little yam right now. [Laughs] Little Bit here, is about a week out of the pouch and she doesn't quite understand solid foods yet. So, you see she's testing it, but she doesn't quite get it yet. You've got to grab it.   Do you want this one Dundee?   See that's how its done. They use their tiny front feet with those big old claws to help hold them. There you go, look at her, yay. Oh. [Laughs]   You see Dundee hanging out in this dark little spot here, its kind of a safe little nook, cranny here. These guys are prey animals and so there's gonna be a lot of little buggers out there trying to eat them, so they feel nice and safe in these safe little dark spots.   Where ya going?    [Laughs]   Hi!   Yeah, she's just getting confused.   Sniffing... Achoo!   [Laughs]   Hi, hi.