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Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Project for Awesome! We raised over 1.4 MILLION DOLLARS and also had a lot of silly, stupid fun. Thanks to everyone who was a part f this year's P4A!

Video edited by Nicole Sweeney (and me, to a lesser extent.)

DIsco Medusae - Kevin MacLeod -
Remarkable - Going Spaceward -
We are All Bat People - The Gregory Brothers -
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Hank: Hiiii.

John: Hello and welcome to the thirteenth annual Project for Awesome.  The Project for Awesome is a teenager.

H: Beans.

J: Beans is a bad perk.  That's--that's not a good idea.  

Wait, wait, perk idea.  Cosmic beans.  Ooh, that is a good idea.

Butt is not legs.

H: Ohhh!  What's happening?

Joe Hanson: I brought visual aids.  We've got Dr. Butt here, as a citation.

H: Can you do it two-Gs like the hosiery?

Lindsay Ellis: No, no.  

(?~0:30): Nope, you've got it now.

H: Too late.

Lindsay Ellis: Nooo!

Rodney Acda: Butt is legs.

Sarah: I think butt is the top, I think butt is the thing that happens above the legs.

J: Butt is the thing that happens above the legs sound like a rip-off of "hope is the thing with feathers".  

Katherine: It's a mystery.

A McElroy: We don't know what's at the bottom of the ocean.  We don't know what the butt is.  Those are the two last mysteries.

Dr. Joia Mukherjee: From a medical standpoint, butt is definitely legs.

John: Anatomically, butt is legs?

Dr. Joia Mukherjee: Yeah, but, but--

J: Really?

Dr. Joia Mukherjee: As you know, John, PIH is all about social context, so I think if we think about social context is very different than scientific context.

J: Yeah.  I love that and I love the way that you're threading the needle.  It's beautiful.

David Sikabwe: (Singing) I am the 23rd street Chipotle and there's someone that I'd like you to meet.  He's wearing armor, he's warm to the touch, and he stands high maybe 10 feet.  I think that he's remarkable.

Destin: Oh, yeah, dinosaurs going!  To Mars.  We're good.  Everything's great, guys.  It's working, everyone.

David Sikabwe: (Singing) Take a moment, look at what people can create.  Something different, something great.  Can we just appreciate?

(?~1:49): Have you ever seen a corgi and thought, I wish it was more like a worm?  

David Sikabwe: I have not dropped out to save the rap game yet, for some reason.

H: Yeah.  To save the rat game?

David Sikabwe: To save the rap game, Hank Green.  R-A-P.

H: Ohhh!  

(Bat people starts playing)

J: Ahhh, okay, I've been stabbed in the heart.  Stabbed in the heart repeatedly.

Like twelve people in this elevator start chanting "Snack man, snack man!"

Sarah: Snack man, snack man!

Lindsay Ellis: Well trust me, it's on fire.

H: What do eyes look like?

(?~2:25): You look at mine, I'll look at yours.  

(?~2:28): This time of year, I am Captain Awesome.  

J: Ohhh!  

Alice: I got it!  Wet head.  

So anyway, I've got Sharpie all over my face.

(?~2:43): Are you saying we might currently be witnessing tardigrade sex?

(?~2:45): Yes.

J: Now I look like a pixelated fool.

A McElroy: STAAANK by Hank.  

Hank: STAAANK by Hank.

(?~2:50): My goggles are fogged.  My throat is in pain.  We want to drink the milk.  No, we've come this far.

H: Soup is delightful.

(?~3:00): No!  Hank!  


H: How the heck am I supposed to eat--

(?~3:06): Does anyone wake up thinking they're going to learn about fly genitalia?

(?~3:09): We just hit a million!  

All: Whoo!!

H: $1,303,460 total raised.  $615,000 raised through the IndieGoGo.  That's wild.  What, man, what a wild last 60 minutes it's been.

J: Yes!  That was my happy dance, but most of it was offscreen.  Most of the happy dance was offscreen.

H: You couldn't contain it.  It couldn't be contained on screen.  

J: But it was my happy dance.  Thank you again to everybody who made this P4A happen and everybody who's been with us for the last 48 hours.  We will see you next year.

H: Wow.  John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

J: Hank, I'll see you on Friday.

Michael Gregory: And everybody won.  The end.